The World of Warcraft Movie: A Quick and Dirty Guide to Understanding World of Warcraft and the Upcoming Film

There is a world that exists within our world.  It is a realm of pure imagination.  It is the haven of escape for millions upon millions of gamers worldwide.  And it is coming to a theater near you.  I'm speaking about the juggernaut of the gaming world, that unstoppable giant created by famed company Blizzard.  I'm speaking of World of Warcraft.  The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (Mmorpg or Mmo to those veterans of the game) has developed a following greater than most real world followings.  Its popularity has spawned real world families, communities, and even economies.  Its population and Gnp rivals that of most countries on the planet.  And soon, it will come storming onto the big screen in all its magnificent splendor.  But to many people, even gamers, the name World of Warcraft (dubbed "WoW" by some) is just a name surrounded by an even greater mystery: what is it exactly?
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