Final Destination 5 Pub Crawl In St. Charles, New Images & Behind The Scenes Look

Tomorrow night (August 5th) Main Street in St.. Charles, Mo will be hosting a Final Destination 5 Pub Crawl at 10pm. Everyone will have a chance to win VIP Seats to the screening along with Final Destination Prizes! At each location along the crawl, you will have to play a game symbolizing a “new death” from the movie!

Photos by Doane Gregory/Warner Bros. Pictures

Along with the crawl, get a load of Warner Bros. Pictures slew of new images from New Line Cinema’s horror film Final Destination 5. For those with a passion for film production, below is a background piece on how the August 12th movie was made.

“Death doesn’t like to be cheated…”

In “Final Destination 5,” the fifth installment of the successful horror franchise, Death once again proves to be the ultimate stalker as it systematically hunts down a group of friends struggling to escape its relentless pursuit.
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