Talking Trashfiend: One-on-one with Scott Stine

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Talking Trashfiend: One-on-one with Scott Stine
Scott Stine may not be known to every household in America, but any household in America that happens to carry an affinity for horror more than likely knows that name. The man is, in short, a horror aficionado. Regardless the time frame or sub genre, the man's invested an unimaginable amount of time and dedication that so many of our quirky minds crave daily.

I was recently blessed with a copy of Scott's latest, Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare Of The 1960's & 1970's.Not only is it an informative book, but it's a book that really enables Mr. Stine to slash and stab away with a cruel humor that makes this piece of work a delight to read. Scott isn't malicious in anyway, he's funny, and he's respectful in approach. What strikes me however, I the fact that the man just doesn't miss a beat.

From The Crater Lake Monster, to the Werewolf Of Washington,
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