'Nine' opens everywhere Christmas Day (review inside)

If one is familiar with director Ron Marshall (Chicago), then the style and delivery of the movie Nine will be what one would expect on Christmas Day.  Plentiful musical numbers are performed in great frequency.  Luckily, these aren't all that bad to get through.  For ample time is given to the traditional movie element which keeps the film balanced.  This story originally comes from an Italian film, but has since been adapted in a book, play, and a Broadway musical.  The source material has been treated similar to how our main character looks at the women in his life.

The musical/movie begins with famous Italian film director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis).  He is a beloved director in Italy and is just days away from shooting his next big film, which is getting tons of hype.  Everyone involved in the production worships the ground he walks on.  That would probably
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