Animal House Blu-ray Review

One would be hard pressed to find a comedy, or movie in general, that is quite as beloved as John Landis' 1978 opus to slacker-dom, Animal House. With it, Landis set out to make a silly college film yet would inadvertently create the "R-rated, gross-out" genre of comedy that nowadays is a dime a dozen. Filled with several soon-to-be stars (Belushi, Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen), the film has an excellent cast with a lot of raw talent, but finds itself far from without its flaws.

Animal House tells the story of two dorky college freshmen Lawrence Kroger (Thomas Hulce) and Kent Dorfman (Stephen Furst) trying to find spots within the hoity-toity fraternity of Omega Theta Pi, but find themselves becoming members of the most beleaguered frat on campus, Delta Tau Chi. The Delta's, led in part by the scene-stealing Bluto Blutarsky (the late John Belushi), have long been in thorn
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