Looking back at Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

With the final Harry Potter a week away from release, Mark takes a look back through the earlier films in the franchise, starting with The Philosopher’s Stone…

Here's a potentially contentious point. The Harry Potter films are to the Noughties what Star Wars was to the generation that grew up in the Seventies and Eighties. In many ways, that would be a shame for George Lucas, who presumably hoped his prequels would make Star Wars into the Star Wars for the Noughties.

I say it's contentious, because it's not my intention to write a series of one-sided celebratory articles. The staggeringly successful film adaptations of Jk Rowling's book saga will easily get enough coverage from ITV, who hold the rights to show the films on telly and seem to have set up The National Movie Awards solely to remind people of how good they are.

On a personal level,
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