Director Peter Berg Opens the Floodgates on Battleship; Also Talks Hancock 2 and a Possible Sequel to The Rundown

As if adapting a movie based on a board game isn’t difficult enough, Peter Berg’s adaptation of Battleship ran into serious rough waters* when it was revealed that the antagonist of the movie would be aliens. Aliens vs. Battleships. Wisely, Berg and Universal realized that the only way to combat such a negative reaction so far in advance of the film’s release was to open the floor to online journalists and withhold as little as possible. And after reading the coverage, especially from and Latino Review, Berg has washed away some serious doubts. He describes his plans for the aliens, how he plans to tell the story, the characters, as well as throwing in some bonus, non-Battleship-related news relating to Hancock 2 and a possible sequel to The Rundown. Hit the jump to become a believer in Battleship.

Chud has a great rundown
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