Exclusive: MPAA Not Happy With ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2; Badass New Image!

Forget Jason, Freddy, Michael, and all of the rest. There is only one group out there who knows how to cut deeper than anyone else, the MPAA. Recently Rob Hall's upcoming film ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 went before them, and guess what?!?

They immediately slapped the movie with the dreaded Nc-17 rating. Having already seen the movie, I can tell you as a fact there's no way this wasn't going to happen. Ltr 2 is riddled with some of the most insane bits of violence and kills we've ever seen. Not kidding either. This flick is Nuts, and we love it!

When reached for comment about the rating, director Hall chimed in with the following ...

"I think it's great the MPAA had a problem with almost every kill in the film", says Hall. "If they didn't, we wouldn't have done our jobs correctly. They have a job to do,
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