Shawn Ryan Reminisces on The Shield

The creator of the landmark cable series talks about the new Complete Series DVD set, Terriers and more.

Back in 2002, a series aired that changed the face of television and became my favorite TV series of all time - Hands Down - The Shield. For seven seasons I was absolutely riveted by the exploits of the Strike Team in the fictional Los Angeles district of Farmington, and that of their leader Vic Mackey, played to utmost perfection by Michael Chiklis. Sadly, the TV series came to an end last fall, with a series finale that is, in my opinion, the single best series finale in TV history ( to read my farewell piece to this amazing series) and now viewers can relive the TV magic with The Shield: The Complete Series, which hits the shelves in a massive 28-disc set on November 3. I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive
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