Killer Walking CCTV Cameras!! Danny Trejo!!! Eyeborgs Is Coming For You…

Danny Trejo is the king of trash cinema: and the man with the most grizzled face on modern screens skates the fertile ground between B-Movie greats and downright D-quality garbage on a regular basis. And as if to prove the point, he is about to strut his stuff in Eyeborgs, an independent sci-fi horror that bills itself as a mesh of the techno-anxiety of I, Robot and Enemy of the State and the creature horrors of Gremlins and Critters.

I’ve just been sent the trailer, and I couldn’t resist sharing it. So look beyond the leap, and feast your eyes on some seriously imbalanced film-making.

Here’s the frankly bonkers synopsis for what promises to be a definite filmic curio:

In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the “Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring all communications and surveillance cameras to be constantly monitored for national security.
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