Retro Review 1981: Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried (Original Release Date: 29 May 1981) 

Either I've seen all of Dead and Buried and only remembered the ending, or I somehow only caught the ending and never saw the rest of the movie. I think it's the former. It felt familiar to me from the beginning, but I told myself as it went along that it must have borrowed this or that element from another movie. By the time I got to the end, I knew I had seen it. It's a doozy of an ending, with a last shot right out of the Twilight Zone playbook.

This isn't to say elements aren't borrowed. I'm sure it owes a debt to Stepford Wives, Invaders from Mars, and Wicker Man, and it probably owes something to White Zombie and Lovecraft's "Herbert West--Reanimator." Dan O'Bannon, who worked on the script, adapted two of Lovecraft's works--"The Lurking Fear" and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
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