Look Who’s Talking (Like A Baby): Lady Gaga!

We thought that talking like a slutty baby was exclusive to kinda-rapper/maybe-singer/autobot Ke$ha, whose girly warbling cornered the market when it comes to talking like a grown-up, sassy toddler going all “come hither.” But video from Lady Gaga‘s fashion shoot for V Magazine Japan has surfaced, and Gaga goes all goo goo, putting on that weird whisper that could easily be blamed on the time of the day (personally, I sound like Bea Arthur in the morning) (and you don’t hear me complaining). In fact, at the tail-end of the video, you’ll even hear some lady say, “Aw, isn’t she sweet?” as if Gagz just peed her metallic, rhinestone-encrusted diaper, which simply sends us over the edge [of glory] (psyche!). Get this video! – Eliot Glazer
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