Desperate Housewives 6.03 "Don't Judge A Lady By Her Lover" Recap

This week’s Desperate Housewives had Susan going for the Psychotic Mother of the Year Award and her competition was Angie Bolen, if that’s Angie’s real name.

I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s recap!

Lynette’s Lie

Lynette and Tom reveal to the kids that they are about to get another set of siblings. How do Parker, Preston, and Penny take it? Parker thinks they were being irresponsible, Preston thinks it’s disgusting that they are still sexually active, and little Penny says she’s jumping ship if it’s another set of boys. So, would harshly fit the bill?

While Lynette preps herself to tell Carlos about her pregnancy, he promotes her to being his Senior VP, which Lynette refuses until he offers a 50% salary increase with the position. When Lynette asks why he didn’t give it to another woman up for the job,
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