Screenwriter Hired for Warcraft Movie

A week ago, NewsinFilm ran a story about a title change to the Warcraft movie on IMDb that included the subtitle “Rise of the Lich King.” The details were based on rumor and speculation, but were labeled as such and gave us an opportunity to look at a possible storyline. Other websites (Warcraft and movie alike) are feigning the high ground, but keep in mind they have all run unfounded articles in the past. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, here is the latest from Sam Raimi’s camp:

In a phone interview about today’s DVD release of Drag Me to Hell, MTV had the chance to talk with Raimi, who is directing the live-action fantasy epic for Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros., and Blizzard Entertainment.

Raimi revelead the screenwriter as Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot) and said the intention is to make a faithful
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