New Release: National Lampoon’s Animal House Blu-ray

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Universal Studios Home Entertainment continues to tap its library of awesome comedies from the 1970s and 1980s with the premiere of 1978 ’s classic National Lampoon’s Animal House on Blu-ray on July 26.

"Toga, toga, toga," Belushi cried ... and comedy history was made in Animal House.

We don’t have to sit hear and tell you anything you haven’t already heard about the Delta House fraternity and its roster of animals, including such superstar frat boys as John Belushi (whose Blues Brothers comes to Blu-ray the same day), Tim Matheson (No Strings Attached), Tom Hulce (Amadeus), Stephen Furst (TV’s Bablyon 5) and Bruce McGill (TV’s Rizzoli & Isles). Throw in Donald Sutherland (The Mechanic), Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and John Vernon (Dirty Harry) as the evil Dean Wormer, and you’ve got one helluva toga party going on!

The new Blu-ray disc won’t have any new special features,
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