Episode Recap: Desperate Housewives - 7.14: "Flashback"

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Mary Alice: (Brenda Strong) "Paul Young had a son but he had not seen Zach in years...he lost him to a world of fast women, easy money and hard drugs...he was determined to find him and he would do anything, even if that meant asking for help from a man who despised him." Paul (Mark Moses) asks Mike (James Denton) for help. Zach's (Cody Kasch) mansion is in foreclosure and Paul admits to Mike he was shot by Zach with the same gun Mary Alice used to kill herself. Zach was last in Idaho. Paul's disappointed with Zach. "Though he didn't admit it, Mike knew exactly where Zach was , but the son Paul Young had lost, had no interest in being found." Was Zach hiding out in the same house where Lynette (Felicity Huffman) went into labour last season. Mary Alice: "It doesn't matter where we're
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