Yvette Vickers and the dark side of the Dream Factory | Cory Franklin

Hollywood is notoriously fickle in its favours, but the macabre demise of a former B-movie queen was an especially cruel twist

The concerned neighbour suspected something amiss. She came to check on the old lady and saw the mailbox covered with cobwebs. The only letters in it were yellowing, untouched bills. Forcing open the barricaded front gate and peering through a broken window, she saw lights illuminating a formerly beautiful interior now in total disrepair, filthy clothes, junk mail and boxes strewn everywhere.

Once inside, the only sound she heard was the low hum of a space heater still running. Evidently, the utility company never turned off the power. In the bedroom, she noticed a dead cordless phone on the floor … before she made the grisly discovery of a mummified, unrecognizable corpse. She knew instinctively it was the old lady.

The police said the woman, in her eighties, may have been dead for months.
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