13 Assassins review

Relentlessly prolific filmmaker Takashi Miike turns his hand to the period samurai genre with 13 Assassins. Here’s Nick’s review…

Takashi Miike is a difficult director to pin down. Most famous for his seminal horror, Audition, and his ultra-violent black comedy thriller, Ichi The Killer, he's also directed another eighty-odd films, and regularly churns out three or four a year. This is a man who seemingly makes films for fun, across a wide range of genres, and at a phenomenal rate, yet has attained a status in the West as this uncompromising auteur who's at the forefront of extreme Asian cinema.

So, when news came through that he was going to be tackling a period samurai film, a remake of the 1963 film, Jûsan-nin no shikaku, people were excited. Rightly so, as it turns out, as 13 Assassins is an absolute blast.

While those looking for ultra-violent thrills on a level Miike
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