Culture Warrior: Independent Music/Independent Film

The relationship between pop music and popular film has been a fruitful one. When popular tracks started to accompany the soundtrack of mainstream films regularly in the mid-late 1960s, the music was often used in the context of the film to reflect the aural preferences particular to a specific counterculture. Movies like The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider and A Hard Day’s Night integrated top 40 hits or artists into their film not only to help sell the film to a broad or specific audience (which proved especially effective when marketing to young people), but to tie that film’s narrative and themes to the counterculture that such music allegedly speaks for. Songs featured in The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy were written specifically for their films, but by artists already associated with these social and aural movements (Simon and Garfunkel and Harry Nilsson, respectively). The existence of Top 40 radio made it rather easy to identify which songs
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