First Photo, Details and Date for Mamoru Oshii’s Assault Girls

Ann has posted some new/first details for Mamoru Oshii’s upcoming live-action film Assault Girls. According to Hollywood Channel and Cinema Today, the long version of Oshii’s Assault Girl 2 short from the Kiru ~ Kill omnibus will open in Japan on December 19th. The film is set on a desert planet that has been devastated by giant monsters called Suna Kujira (sand whales). For reasons yet unknown, three female hunters played by Meisa Kuroki, Rinko Kikuchi and Hinako Saeki visit the planet to hunt down the most dangerous sand whale there is, the Madara Suna Kujira (spotted sand whale) using assault rifles and other weapons.

Even though the films is getting released pretty soon, only one photo that makes one of the Assault Girls (Meisa Kuroki) look like an amazing mix of Casshern and Oshii’s Avalon has been released so far.
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