Mel Gibson Sniffing Around Jodie Foster’s ‘Beaver’

Before you get any dirty-minded ideas as to where this news post is going understand that I am a legitimate journalist and that is a legitimate title.  And I could just as easily (and accurately) said that Mel Gibson may be sticking his hand into Jodie Foster's Beaver. And here's what I mean by that... The Beaver is a script by Kyle Killen that topped last year's Blacklist.  Sounds ominous I know, but that's a list of the best unproduced screenplays floating around Hollywood as voted by the lucky few who've actually read them.  The story is about a depressed man who comes to enjoy the company of a hand puppet in the form of a beaver.  The man's life begins to improve... but is it due to the puppet?  And will it last? The script caught major attention last year and at different times had both Steve Carell and Jim Carrey attached to star.  Jay Roach
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