*Updated* Full Black Devil Doll details and more DVD news

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First, a few street date updates: Shout! Factory’s DVD of Audition, which we broke the news on here, will arrive October 6. Monarch Video will release Farmhouse (see our review here) September 29; look for a making-of featurette and possibly other special features on that one. And First Look will issue Kyle Rankin’s big-bug opus Infestation on October 13, following its Syfy cable debut (see previous item here).

Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment has set an October 27 street date for its long-awaited special-edition disc of Black Devil Doll, and gave Fango the scoop on the complete details. The saga of an executed black militant’s spirit entering a ventriloquist’s dummy and wreaking all sorts of outrageous, politically incorrect havoc will be presented in widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, plus an insane amount of special features:

Audio commentary by director Jonathan Lewis, writer/producer Shawn Lewis and writer/designer Mitch Mayes Audio
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