I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Episode 3 Recap: "An Increasingly Awkward Con Job"

First they were there. Then they quit. Then they came back. Then they quit -- off camera. Then, in pre-taped footage, they were there. Then they quit again. And then, live, during the third episode, just two days after the whole thing began, they're back, begging for forgiveness. Whether this is actually a strategy to win the game or just to stay in the news for as long as possible, Heidi and Spencer are milking this show for all it's worth, and NBC doesn't seem to be catching on yet. They also seem to be missing the almost-universal negative press, like James Hibberd's declaration that this is becoming "an increasingly awkward con job." I guess any press is good press for Speidi. Here's a recap of Wednesday night's episode. Thank God...
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