Jennifer Aniston to Get Inseminated

You've got to give it to Jennifer Aniston. Having been left for the beautiful Earth Mother goddess and her flock of babies, a weaker actress might have rethought the direction of her career. She might have eschewed starring in petsploitation films (Marley and Me) or He's Just Not That Into You. And a weaker woman definitely would have avoided signing onto a movie where she gets impregnated by a turkey baster, while Brangelina trots the twins 'round the world. But, God bless her, not Jen. Girlfriend is like, "Screw it."

Aniston has signed on to star opposite Jason Bateman in The Baster, a fertility comedy from the dudes who brought you Blades of Glory. Aniston plays a neurotic woman who wants to have a baby via artificial insemination. Bateman plays her best friend who secretly replaces her donor's semen with his own.

We can't wait for the press tour on this one.
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