More 2012 viral marketing: Charlie Frost "Apocalypse Prognosticator"

The official website for Roland Emmerich's big budget end-of-days movie, 2012, has been slightly revamped and given a new link to a site called This site is yet another viral marketing site which looks to be run by actor Woody Harrelson (Aka "Charlie Frost)" in a scraggly beard who wants to keep us all up to speed on when, where, and how we can expect the apocalypse to hit.

You'll no doubt remember the other viral site, The Institute for Human Continuity which got you to enter your vitals in a lottery for survival. Pretty dire stuff. Thankfully, this one's a bit more fun. So far, Charlie's unleashed two rants upon the world and we've got them for you after the break for you so dive right in!
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