"Choke" on this...again: The Review

CHOKEby Eric Sloss, Writer Chuck Palahniuk is a provocative writer. His novels have inspired people to take action in their lives. Other people have taken his novels too literally. They have created groups where the sole point of membership is to pummel each other. Clearly they missed the point of Palahniuk arguing against the growing seed of commercialism. His first published novel was of course “Fight Club”. It won several awards and a Hollywood movie was made out of it. The movie was a box office disappointment, but it grew a large cult following after its release on video. Now comes the film “Choke”. It too was adapted from a Palahniuk novel. In the previous film and in this film, support groups play a major role in the proceedings. Here the realm is sex addicts instead of testicular cancer survivors. Sam Rockwell plays Victor Mancini, a colonial recreator who had a turbulent childhood.
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