Milk Review

Gus Van Sant’s Milk is among the best of 2008, a gripping piece of storytelling chronicling the injustice, boiling anger, eventual triumph, and the tragic end of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in the United States. Milk helped to champion the rights of homosexuals on topics that are still being hashed out in government offices today and he was so submerged in the relentless campaign that it’s difficult to talk about the man or the movie without the movement.

The film depicts Harvey as a visionary that realized he was not just a charismatic leader in his community, but spearheading a nationwide movement that would seek to protect the rights of gay Americans. As the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Castro Street,” Milk rallied local businesses and directionless residents to his cause. His grassroots organization would go toe-to-toe with a political machine backed by the crusading Anita Bryant,
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