Clooney Rages Against Fox's "Bare Bottom" Campaign

  • WENN
Solaris star George Clooney is furious that distributors Fox used the fact his naked backside appears in the sci-fi film to stir interest in it. The hunky actor is fiercely proud of the Steven Soderbergh directed film and has slammed the studio for not giving the movie the encouragement he believes it deserves. And the Perfect Storm star is certain the studio bosses will live to regret their actions. He says, "It immediately trivializes what Steven did and even more so what I was doing. And it makes me mad because you don't get the credit for doing what you're doing: which is sticking your neck out. I've had funny experiences in my career - Out Of Sight comes out and it bombs, Three Kings comes out and it doesn't do what they thought, O Brother, Where Art Thou? comes out and doesn't do well. All those films that I really cared about under performed; but as time goes on, people still talk about those films. I said right at the beginning to the guys from Fox, 'Five years from now, you guys are all going to be sitting at a cocktail party, bragging about your involvement in this', because that's the way it was with Out Of Sight at Universal, that's the way it was at Disney with O Brother."

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