Liz Taylor And Debbie Reynolds Doled Out Men Advice To Meg Ryan

  • WENN
Hollywood veterans Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds gave fellow actress Meg Ryan advice about her relationship with Russell Crowe. Carrie Fisher, who penned the TV movie These Old Broads, which stars her mum Reynolds, Taylor, Shirley MacLaine and Joan Collins, confirms she took her pal out to lunch with them during filming last year. Ryan was bombarded with advice on her marriage split with Dennis Quaid by the Broads, all veterans of marital strife. Fisher says, "She didn't specifically ask for advice. But if you're talking to women who have been through it all, you ask a couple of questions and they are going to start telling you, 'Go for it.'" Ryan, who sensationally split from her husband last year when she embarked on a now-defunct affair with the Australian hunk, was given a host of helpful tips from Taylor and Reynolds - who for years were at the center of Hollywood's most famous feud, after Taylor 'stole' Reynolds' husband Eddie Fisher from her when Carrie was just a small child. But Fisher says the pair, who have since become friends again, actually have a lot in common in their attitudes towards men. She adds, "Both of them would say to me and to Meg and to everybody, 'Take a risk. Maybe you'll win the prize, or maybe you won't.'"

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