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Watch: First Trailer For 'World War Z' Starring Brad Pitt Comes For Braiiiins

8 November 2012 3:56 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Forget the troubled production, forget the rewrites and forget the reshoots. All that matters is what ends up on the big screen, and "World War Z" is ready to show off the goods. But can it escape its very-public problems as it heads toward the finish line? The first trailer for the Brad Pitt starring film, (very loosely) based on the book by Max Brooks and directed by Marc Forster is here, but is it the Jason Bourne meets "The Walking Dead" vibe the director and studio were hoping for? Well, it's certainly fast moving and aiming for an epic scope, even if the zombies remain somewhat undefined as a mass of moving CGI. These zombies are obviously a lot more feral than the slow, plodding ones you usually see on screen, though still different from the "infected" in Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" series.  “They are like predatory animals that can’t control themselves, »

- Kevin Jagernauth

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Review: Todd Rohal's Third Feature 'Nature Calls' Is A Dull, Droning Wrong Number

8 November 2012 3:31 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Curiously squandering an immensely talented cast, Todd Rohal's "Nature Calls," written when the writer-director lived in Austin, had more humor and humanity and life in its 10-minute post-screening talk here at SXSW than it showed in its previous 98-minute running time. Starring Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville as brothers -- in a clear refutation of all we know about genetics -- "Nature Calls" pits Oswalt's dedicated scoutmaster, eager to take his scoutmaster father on one last camping trip, against Knoxville's black sheep son. You can imagine this premise leading to all kinds of hilarity. I encourage you to do so, as Rohal clearly did not. When his troop bails on a camping trip, Oswalt crashes a sleepover hosting Knoxville's adopted son Dwande (Thiecoura Cissoko) and his wayward troop members, abducting them, along with his father, for the originally-planned trip to the woods. Knoxville, Rob Riggle and the late Patrice O'Neal give. »

- James Rocchi

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Man arrested for flashing breast implants

8 November 2012 3:24 PM, PST | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

A man has been arrested for flashing breast implants at a supermarket. He allegedly flashed his implants at customers who were shopping at the supermarket. Jeremy Owens was taken into custody after the incident at a Walmart in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, reports Wnep. After the incident, the 23-year-old left the store and boarded a bus, but was forcibly removed by cops. He also allegedly spat blood at police officers after banging his head against a police (more) »

- By Alice Stewart

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'This Is 40' Soundtrack Features New Songs By Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Wilco, Ryan Adams & More

8 November 2012 3:16 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

A midlife crisis never sounded this good. For his upcoming sidequel/spinoff "This Is 40," Judd Apatow reached out to some pretty big names to write some new tunes for his movie, with more than a few song titles hinting at a rocky emotional ride for Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann). Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Graham Parker, and Lindsey Buckingham have all contributed new songs, produced by the film's composer Jon Brion, with Wilco and Ryan Adams providing new and/or live versions of "I Got You (At The End Of The Century)," "Lucky Now" and "Shining Through The Dark." (Does this mean there's going to be a Ryan Adams cameo in the film?). The rest of the set is rounded out with tunes by Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Avett Brothers, Loudon Wainwright and more. Pretty solid Dad rock mix all around. The soundtrack drops on December 11th, »

- Kevin Jagernauth

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'Hollyoaks' Andrew Moss: 'Bus crash brought the cast closer together'

8 November 2012 3:15 PM, PST | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

Hollyoaks actor Andrew Moss has said that filming next week's dramatic bus crash on the soap made the cast "pull together". The bus crash at Tony Hutchinson and Cindy Cunningham's wedding is set to have a huge impact on the show, with rumours that the accident will lead to the deaths of two characters. Moss, who plays wedding guest Rhys Ashworth, told MSN that the challenging shoot led to the cast coming together, noting: "That week we had the worst weather that we've had for ages. It rained most of the day and we were outside all the time. "At most points I'm laying on the floor outside, in the rain, so I lay there pretty much for two days. "So all the cast rallied around and we all looked (more) »

- By Paul Martinovic

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Hitchcock Featurette Takes You Inside A Master's Marriage

8 November 2012 3:04 PM, PST | cinemablend.com | See recent Cinema Blend news »

Alfred Hitchcock is famous as one of the few directors from the studio era of Hollywood to truly put his own stamp on this movies, to the point that audiences would flock to films because his name was on it, not because of his many attractive stars. But Hitchcock's works can also be credited to his partnership and longtime marriage with Alma Reville, who was a key force behind the scenes on nearly all of his films, even though she rarely got the credit. But in the new biopic Hitchcock, the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Hitch is put front and center, and the conflicts and love within their relationship get reflected in the success of one of his biggest films, Psycho. To get a glimpse at how it all plays out the film, check out this brand-new feature, which debuted today at Apple, where you catch watch it in »

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Review: 'Citadel' Is A Sometimes Scary, Sometimes Silly Entry In the Hoodie Horror Sub-Genre

8 November 2012 3:00 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Over the last few years an interesting subgenre has developed in British horror – dubbed "hoodie horror" by the press and named after the young, urban kids who wear hooded sweatshirts – these films are set primarily in England's low income housing "estates" and played up the fears of "Broken Britain," a term coined by conservative newspaper The Sun, to describe the country's perceived social and moral bankruptcy. Everything from the Michael Caine revenge thriller "Harry Brown" to last year's gleeful SXSW smash "Attack the Block" have used elements of this subgenre. "Citadel," which won the Midnight award at the fest, further explores the fears and anxieties of urban Britain (and Ireland), and the results are sometimes scary, sometimes silly, and always politically questionable. The film begins with a young couple getting ready to leave a dilapidated council estate called Edenstown. The young man, »

- Drew Taylor

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Game Review: 'Silent Hill: Book of Memories'

8 November 2012 3:00 PM, PST | FEARnet | See recent FEARnet news »

I’m strangely protective of Silent Hill.  Its use of symbolism and deeper psychological themes struck a chord with me, so much so that seeing developers try and emulate it without understanding it makes me genuinely angry at their products, a set of disingenuous replications without the charred soul of the original trilogy.  There is more to Silent Hill than Pyramid Head turning up like the proverbial bad penny.


It was this protectiveness that put me on edge when I first booted up Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the second portable attempt at the series (the first being Silent Hill Origins on the PSP) on the Playstation Vita.  Not only had developer Wayforward populated their take on the series with a bestiary of familiar faces (don’t make me get into why I think this is asinine, I’ve covered it already), they even reduced the game to a Diablo-style dungeon crawler. »

- Carl Lyon

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Alan Arkin To Coach Sylvester Stallone Against Rober De Niro In Grudge Match

8 November 2012 2:48 PM, PST | cinemablend.com | See recent Cinema Blend news »

If you're casting an older actor to play the role of Sylvester Stallone's ringside coach, you couldn't do much better than Burgess Meredith, who starred as Mickey Goldmill in four of the first five Rocky movies. Sadly, however, Meredith died in 1997. So who would be the best possible actor to take the role today? The new movie Grudge Match has found him. Variety reports that the boxing feature, which pits Stallone up against Robert De Niro (a la Rocky Balboa vs. Jake La Motta) is now in talks with Alan Arkin to play Stallone's trainer. The film is being directed by Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, Anger Management) and is based on a script by Tim Kelleher (First Kid). The story follows Henry 'Razor' Sharp (Stallone) and Billy 'The Kid' McGuigan (Robert De Niro), two fighters who end their careers on the same night. The Kid, who lost the fight »

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'Star Wars Episode 7' treatment written by 'Toy Story 3' writer

8 November 2012 2:35 PM, PST | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt has reportedly written a treatment for the next three Star Wars films. The Oscar-winning writer behind Little Miss Sunshine was hired to work on the Star Wars Episode 7 storyline months before the announcement that Lucasfilm was to be sold to Disney, according to Vulture. Arndt has apparently produced a 40 to 50-page extended outline for the upcoming sequel, and is now considered a leading candidate to write the full screenplay. Meanwhile, Deadline claims that the scribe has also written treatments for two further Star Wars films. Arndt already has (more) »

- By Paul Martinovic

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Watch: 4 New Promo Spots For 'Silver Linings Playbook'

8 November 2012 2:32 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Is Chris Tucker about to star in a Best Picture winner? That's the main takeaway we got from a quartet of new TV spots for "Silver Linings Playbook," the new comedy-drama for David O. Russell. Tucker hasn't appeared in a film without the words 'Hour' and 'Rush' in the title since 1997's "Jackie Brown," but he's chosen a pretty good project to come back, with Russell's film having been touted for awards galore since it premiered at Tiff back in September. Tucker is only a small part of the spots (and the film), with the emphasis naturally landing on leads Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It's mostly the same sort of footage you've seen before, but if you want to be able to see it in smaller 30 second snippets, check them out below. "Silver Linings Playbook" opens in limited release on November 16th, before going wide on November 21st. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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Dame Judi Dench Talks Skyfall, Working with Roger Deakins, the Best Part of Playing M, Her Upcoming Stephen Frears Film, and More

8 November 2012 2:25 PM, PST | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

At the recent New York press day for Skyfall, I was able to speak with Dame Judi Dench.  We talked about what's been the best part of playing M for almost two decades, when she first heard that M would be a big part of Skyfall, what it was like to work with cinematographer Roger Deakins, how she prepares for a role, her upcoming film with Stephen Frears, and a lot more. I absolutely loved Skyfall.  Director Sam Mendes has crafted one of the best James Bond movies ever made and it’s also one of my favorite films of the year.  While the Bond franchise is now 50 years old, Mendes has shown the best might be yet to come.  I really can’t recommend this film enough.  For all our Skyfall coverage including clips, posters, my set visit and more, click here.  Skyfall stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, »

- Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub

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Judd Apatow Says He Tried To Put References To Seth Rogen & Katherine Heigl's Characters In 'This Is 40'

8 November 2012 2:24 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

In case you're living under a rock, you likely know that Judd Apatow's latest dramedy, "This is 40," is a sort of spin-off or follow-up to his 2007 comedy, "Knocked Up." To recap: Ben (Seth Rogen) and Alison (Katherine Heigl) are the leads of "Knocked Up" and "This Is 40" centers on two of the supporting characters of that film, Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) -- Debbie being Alison's older sister in the film. Got that? "Knocked Up" focused on Ben and Alison, an unlikely pair that really only got together because Alison accidentally became pregnant after a drunken hook-up with Ben. After a variety of ups and downs, the film ends with Ben and Alison together, with the pair driving off into the sunset after she gives birth to their baby girl. So the question on many people's minds is: did the couple stand the test of time? »

- Edward Davis

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The Killing Lives: AMC and Netflix Near Deal to Bring Series Back for Season Three

8 November 2012 2:16 PM, PST | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

The Killing returns.  Months after AMC cancelled the drama series following its second season, it appears that a deal is being hammered out to now bring the show back.  Deadline reports that The Killing producer Fox TV Studios was relentless in their pursuit to keep the show alive, and after talking with a number of potential buyers they finally found a partner in Netflix.  AMC will be teaming up with the streaming juggernaut for the third season, with AMC airing the episodes first before they go up on Netflix.  Hit the jump for more. The mystery series grabbed a lot of attention during its first season and stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman broke out in a big way, but many viewers were frustrated when producers declined to wrap up the first season's case during its finale.  Viewership took a steep drop in season two, leading to AMC’s decision »

- Adam Chitwood

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Box office preview: 'Skyfall' headed for sky-high debut, but how big will it be?

8 November 2012 2:12 PM, PST | EW - Inside Movies | See recent EW.com - Inside Movies news »

It’s safe to say that Quantum of Solace wasn’t the most well-liked James Bond film. Of course, that didn’t stop it from earning $594 million worldwide, but given the tepid audience response, it seems logical that many casual Bond fans would feel uneasy about shelling out $12 for a ticket to the latest Daniel Craig vehicle. Fortunately for Sony, the world’s favorite British secret agent has always proved remarkably resilient at the box office, and if international grosses are any indication, it looks like Skyfall won’t suffer at all from Quantum’s less-than-stellar reception. In fact, the »

- Grady Smith

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The Heavy Get Down with the Dead in New Music Video

8 November 2012 2:00 PM, PST | FEARnet | See recent FEARnet news »

Acclaimed UK garage-funk-rock combo The Heavy (whom you probably remember from their runaway hit single “How You Like Me Now?”) decided to pay tribute to old-school horror in their new music video for “Can't Play Dead,” the latest single from their third full-length album The Glorious Dead.     Using surreal stop-motion techniques reminiscent of the Brothers Quay with a touch of Tim Burton's macabre mischief, director Jason Willis created an homage to a half-dozen horror films, including Ed Wood's Plan Nine from Outer Space, the silent classic Nosferatu, the original Phantasm and even the Brazilian cult classic At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul. The clip depicts a creepy sorceress using voodoo dolls, magic potions and other occult goodies to raise a surprisingly well-dressed corpse while the band's skeletal alter-egos rock out from beyond the grave (and back again).   Check it out below!       »

- Gregory Burkart

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Review: Secrets, Revelations & An Unlikely Friendship Emerge In The Compelling 'Starlet'

8 November 2012 2:00 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Sean Baker’s film “Starlet” wants to play a little trick on you. It’s a fun trick, and it might be more enjoyable figuring it out on your own, but it’s the most important and interesting part of the movie, so it’s hard to talk about its merits without giving it away. In fact, the main crux of the film isn’t interesting enough without the drama of the environment, the truth of which is slowly revealed throughout the first half of the film. You may be able to figure it out within the first sequence, but the fun is in how the film tells you what’s up. "Starlet" centers on Jane, a young, listless woman who doesn’t really have any meaningful connections in her life, until she discovers that a thermos she bought at a yard sale is filled with a stash of money. »

- Katie Walsh

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McG To Direct A Movie About A Magic Club

8 November 2012 1:59 PM, PST | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

McG. The three letters which strike fear into the heart of any cinephile, and mediocrity into any given movie project. And yet, the helmer keeps getting gigs, most recently assigned to direct an untitled thriller for Luc Besson, with Kevin Costner to star. And now he's gonna make some magic. Sort of. THR reports that Joseph McGinty Nichol will be making a movie about the famed and kind of secret, exclusive magic club, Magic Castle. Of course, no details yet on the story, but the script is from Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari who are both writing the "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" movie, so yeah. Expectations lowered. But given this is set up at 20th Century Fox, we presume it will be some kind of tentpole-esque project with a Criss Angel cameo or something. Whatever. In case you don't know, the Magic Castle started as a magic club in the 1950s, »

- Kevin Jagernauth

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Warm Bodies Trailer Shows Nicholas Hoult And Rob Corddry As Zombies

8 November 2012 1:56 PM, PST | cinemablend.com | See recent Cinema Blend news »

It was looking like we'd have to wait until Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiered to see the trailer for Warm Bodies, but it's made its way online sooner than that. The feature adaptation to Isaac Marion's zombie novel arrives in theaters in a couple of months. The trailer introduces us to R, a zombie who falls for a girl named Julie. Directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Wackness), Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult as R, the mentioned zombie who's a bit more alert than your average groaning, shuffling walking corpse. During a routine feeding, he runes into Julie (Teresa Palmer) and decides to protect her rather than eat her. Rounding out the cast is John Malkovich, who plays Julie's father, Rob Corddry, who plays R's zombie friend M, Analeigh Tipton, playing Julie's friend Nora, and Dave Franco, who's Julie's boyfriend Perry. All of these characters are featured in the trailer below, »

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Star Wars Sequel News: Michael Arndt May Pen Star Wars: Episode 7; Brad Bird, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg to Read His Treatment; Zack Snyder Out

8 November 2012 1:54 PM, PST | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

Word has it that Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) will be among the writers on Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Episode VII.  Arndt reportedly has a 40-50 page treatment already prepared and is likely to be one of the writers on board before the picture starts shooting some time in 2014.  It sounds like his preparation includes all three films in the trilogy, which was alluded to in a recent press conference by Disney CEO Bob Iger.  Rumors have run rampant since the news that Disney would be purchasing Lucasfilm to the tune of $4 billion and would be releasing a Star Wars sequel trilogy starting in 2015.  It's been speculated that Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) may be lined up to direct the film, but Arndt's treatment is expected to cross the desks of Brad Bird, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.  Hit the jump for much more. Vulture reports that Arndt has a »

- Dave Trumbore

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