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TV Reviews: “Once Upon A Time,” Season 1, Episode 19, “The Return”

23 April 2012 4:50 PM, PDT | FamousMonsters of Filmland | See recent Famous Monsters of Filmland news »

Once Upon A Time

“The Return” Air Date: 4/22/12

This week’s episode, aptly titled “The Return” if only because Once Upon A Time is back on the air after a three week break, delves more into Rumpelstiltskin’s back story. Like Samuel Adams, giving Robert Carlyle the spotlight is always a good decision.

We return to Storybrooke following a big twist. Turns out, Kathryn is not so dead after all. She was in a car crash, kidnapped, fed in a dark basement somewhere, and then freed. Clearly the heart’s DNA results were tampered with. She has no idea who her captor may be, but we know it’s got to be Mr. Gold or Regina.

Regina confronts Mr. Gold and accuses him of breaking his deal. Mr. Gold explains that he’s only broken one deal in his life, and that this wasn’t one of them. He merely »

- Andy Greene

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Insane Zombie Carnage Coming to Your PC and Xbox 360

23 April 2012 4:49 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

The thing about the zombie apocalypse is that you can never train too much for it. I mean it's the zombie Apocalypse, so you will need to hone all your skills if you hope to survive it, and it has been scientifically proven that video games are a good alternative training method to the real thing.

Another fine game aimed at getting you ready for the inevitable zombie outbreak has arrived in Insane Zombie Carnage. Battle your way through endless hordes of zombies using your deadly arsenal of weapons on your way to save the world. There are three ways to play, awards to unlock, and much more. Read on for more gory details!

From the Official Press Release

It has begun. The Earth is infected. There is no time. You gotta save the Word and it is not going to be a stealth mission. Fight your way through endless hordes of the undead, »

- Kenny King

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Chronicle on DVD and Blu-ray - The Official Specs Are In!

23 April 2012 4:38 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

In just a few weeks Chronicle will be landing on Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got the full details you need right here! Read on for the latest specs and more! Dig it!

From the Press Release

Take an extraordinary journey with three teens who uncover a power greater than anything they’ve ever imagined. Up-and-coming actors Dane DeHaan (“True Blood”), Alex Russell (Almost Kings), and Michael B. Jordan (“Friday Night Lights”) star alongside Michael Kelly (The Adjustment Bureau) in the innovative action film Chronicle, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD May 15th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny telekinetic powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control as their darker sides begin to take over. What starts out as fun »

- Uncle Creepy

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In the UK? Join Grimm Up North for Zombie Night on April 27th!

23 April 2012 4:35 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

The fine folks behind Manchester’s Grimm Up North love zombies just as much as we do, and to show their appreciation for all things shambling and undead, they have a trio of flesh-eating features lined up to play on April 27th. Step right up!

That’s right – from 7.30pm this Friday, April 27th, The Dancehouse will play host to a triple bill of the highly anticipated zombie comedy Juan of the Dead, adrenaline-fueled Nazi zombie actioner War of the Dead and a remastered HD showing of indomitable brain-eating classic Return of the Living Dead.


Tickets for the event cost just £8, with optional fancy dress and a late night bar (beer from £1.50 per bottle) for those looking to really get into the party mood!

Get more info via the official Grimm Up North website, befriend them on Facebook, and of course, follow them on Twitter. There's also a special »

- Pestilence

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First Trailer for Hallows' Eve Slices its Way Online

23 April 2012 4:29 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

Here's the thing... you put Danielle Harris in anything, and we'll watch it. Especially if you surround her with blood, gore, mayhem, sharp implements, disfigurement, etc. Then you really have our attention. Enter the trailer for the newest slasher flick on the block, Hallows' Eve.

The flick, directed by Sean McGarry, stars Danielle Harris, Raymond Mamrak, Courtney Baxter, Ashley C. Williams, Tiffany Shepis, and Chance Michael Corbitt.

Not much is known about the film so far, but we can tell you that the plot follows what happens when years after a tragic accident leaves a young child scarred for life, the people responsible pay - with their lives.

Stay tuned for more as it comes, and thanks to DC reader Logan for the heads-up!

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!

Got news? Click here to submit it!

Pay for your sins in the comments section below! »

- Uncle Creepy

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Haywire's Gina Carano In Talks For The Fast And The Furious 6

23 April 2012 4:20 PM, PDT | Screen Anarchy | See recent Screen Anarchy news »

Jason Statham is out, will Mma star turned actor Gina Carano be in?The Hollywood Reporter has broken word that Haywire star Carano is now in negotiations to join the cast of the Justin Lin helmed sixth installment in the The Fast And The Furious franchise. Plot specifics are being kept under wraps but word is that Carano would join Dwayne Johnson's team in pursuit of returning stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. »

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Another creepy pic from ‘The Chernobyl Diaries’

23 April 2012 4:11 PM, PDT | Horror News | See recent Horror News news »

As we creep ever closer to the latest release of a “found footage” horror film, this one of course being “The Chernobyl Diaries”, I am happy to report that this one while still in the same mold as previous entries appears to have a pretty good “creep” factor going for it.

The trailer rocked and the stills that have headed our way so far have all had that sinister, get me the he#$… More »

- Dave Dreher

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TV Reviews: “Grimm,” Season 1, Episode 18, “Cat and Mouse”

23 April 2012 4:05 PM, PDT | FamousMonsters of Filmland | See recent Famous Monsters of Filmland news »


Cat and Mouse” Air Date: 4/20/12

Along with Once Upon A Time, Grimm was heralded as another harbinger for the fairy tale boom to come. But, after breezing through the first seventeen episodes in short order to catch up, I found that that’s a misnomer. Yes, this series, set in Portland, Oregon (great to have a show set there besides Portlandia), revolves around Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a descendant of the Grimm family (the brothers that wrote them books), who has the ability to see if someone is really a supernatural creature, or a Wesen (pronounced vessen), and is tasked with hunting them down. He is referred to as a “grimm” by these very creatures. But he doesn’t stumble upon any fairy tale characters or premises like in Ouat, he merely finds that there’s a lot of bad guys muddying up his case load that are really furry beasts. »

- Andy Greene

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Is Jessica Chastain back in the mix for Iron Man 3?

23 April 2012 4:00 PM, PDT | JoBlo.com | See recent JoBlo news »

Tony Stark might mingle with another smart, sexy lady. Also, what's with him and redheads/ladies of the strawberry blonde variety? Iron Man 3 may have gained Jessica Chastain. It was rumored that she would be joining early on, but wasn't sure due to scheduling between a movie with Joel Edgerton and Samantha Morton and Kathryn Bigelow's next. Now it seems that the scheduling has been worked out so that Chastain can take a role alongside Robert Downey Jr. Since Shane Black and Drew Pearce »

- Niki Stephens

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Headspace: The Director's Cut Heading to VOD on April 24th; DVD to Follow June 19th

23 April 2012 3:51 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

Freestyle Digital Media has announced the debut of Headspace: The Director's Cut on cable and internet video on demand in North America on April 24th with a DVD/Blu-ray release following on June 19th.

From the Press Release:

Headspace, originally released theatrically in February, 2006, has been updated by director Andrew van den Houten and will actually run five minutes shorter than the original theatrical version. Scripted by Steve Klausner and William M. Miller from a story by Troy McCombs, the film was produced by van den Houten and Miller with Marius Kerdel executive producing.

When Alex (Christopher Denham) encounters a mysterious stranger, he begins to get smarter each day. It's not long before he realizes that his new intellect comes with deadly side effects. Headaches and visions plague him at every step. Soon savage, unexplainable murders are linked to him. Now it's a race against time as Alex discovers »

- The Woman In Black

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Cast Missing! Renny Harlin Interrogated!

23 April 2012 3:46 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

Holy cow, do we have something cool for you cats to dig into! A viral pitch video created by Renny Harlin that ... well ... you'll see. What happened in the Ural Mountains? Read on for some early sales art and video surrounding the Dyatlov Pass incident.

"The fact-based film is about a mysterious incident in 1959, when nine experienced hikers were found dead. The film is about contemporary students on a trek to investigate the mystery."

Producers are Alexander Rodnyansky, Kia Jam, Harlin, and Sergei Bespalov.

Harlin said: "I was fascinated by this story, which remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern paranormal lore. The facts, the script, and the very dramatic setting convinced me that there is a thrilling movie there, just waiting to rivet audiences."

Curious? Want to know a bit more? In a nutshell the Dyatlov Pass incident (as it is known) refers to an unsolved mystery »

- Uncle Creepy

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Tribeca 2012 Review: In Replicas Hysteria Isn't Always Enough

23 April 2012 3:40 PM, PDT | Screen Anarchy | See recent Screen Anarchy news »

The sense of dread and terror first time director Jeremy Power Regimbal sets in the opening moments of Replicas is potent, and remains so, until that creeping, crawling something-is-a-miss turns into out and out hysteria by the film's mid-point. It is effective stuff to be sure, handled with more than adequate filmmaking prowess, but by ordeal's end Replicas feels just a step up from your formulaic home-invasion thriller. So what makes it worth a cautious recommendation? Well, read on.After the accidental death of their young daughter, Mary and Mark Hughes (Selma Blair & Josh Close) take their son Brendon to their vacation home in the woods. The quiet time and space away from their busy urban life is needed; it is clear Mary and Mark's »

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New Trailer for 388 Arletta Avenue Takes Aim

23 April 2012 3:15 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

We just got our hands on a brand spanking new trailer for EOne Entertainment's latest acquisition, 388 Arletta Avenue, and as always we have every pixel of it on tap for you right here!

Randall Cole (Real Time, 19 Months) directed the flick. Nick Stahl (Sin City, "Carnivale", Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Mirrors 2), Mia Kirshner ("The Vampire Diaries," "The L Word," The Black Dahlia), and Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Idle Hands) star; and Steve Hoban (Splice, Ginger Snaps) and Mark Smith (The Spine) produced.


Shot from the point of view of hidden cameras, the film follows a thirty-something couple, James and Amy Deakin, as they are secretly videotaped 24/7 by a mysterious stalker in their home, on the streets, and at their workplace. The stalker uses information gleaned from the footage to subtly manipulate the unsuspecting couple, and cracks in their relationship surface. When Amy suddenly vanishes, James is »

- Uncle Creepy

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Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Robin Hardy on The Wicker Tree, Completing his Trilogy and More

23 April 2012 3:07 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

It has been almost forty years now since writer/director Robin Hardy first mystified audiences with his uber-eccentric cult classic The Wicker Man, and now the UK filmmaker is back with his companion tale, the darkly comedic The Wicker Tree.

Starring newcomers Brittania Nicol and Henry Garrett as well Graham McTavish and Christopher Lee, The Wicker Tree is centered around two young missionaries who travel to a small village in Scotland where they hope to spread the gospel of Jesus; unaware of any sinister plans, the pair get caught in the middle of a ritual which will force them both to make the 'ultimate sacrifice' in the end.

Recently Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with Hardy about his follow-up efforts on The Wicker Tree as well as why this latest film isn't really a sequel and why his third film in the Wicker trilogy may end up being »

- thehorrorchick

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Full Trailer For Korean Ping Pong Drama As One

23 April 2012 3:00 PM, PDT | Screen Anarchy | See recent Screen Anarchy news »

[Update:  Added English-subtitled version of the trailer.]Every great sports movie needs adversity to overcome and in the process of the competition, an unlikely camaraderie bond is forged among the teammates.  Through unity, the human spirit has been lifted, leading them to the path of glory.  This is the heart of the story in As One (코리아 ), a sports drama based on an actual event of the first unified South Korea-North Korea table tennis team at the 1991 world championships in Chiba City, Japan.  The fact that two rival neighboring country can set aside their differences and join forces for the common good is enough for me to stand up and cheer.  Directed by Moon Hyun-Sung, the two main leads include Ha Ji-Won (Sector 7, »

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Exclusive First Stills from Silent Night, Bloody Night Remake - Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming

23 April 2012 2:41 PM, PDT | DreadCentral.com | See recent Dread Central news »

That's right, kids! On tap for you right now, naughty or nice, we have the very first stills from the UK remake of the obscure little film from the Seventies called Silent Night, Bloody Night!

From the Press Release

Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming has started filming in the UK. The project is a re-working of the 1974 Christmas themed slasher film 'Silent Night, Bloody Night' and is the second collaboration among North Bank Entertainment, Mad Science Films, and Independent Moving Pictures, the companies behind 'Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection'. James Plumb is directing from a script he co-wrote with producer Andrew Jones. The film is being shot on location in Bridgend and Swansea, South Wales.

The cast includes a special appearance by the star of the original 'Friday the 13th', Adrienne King.

Producer Andrew Jones: "The original 'Silent Night, Bloody Night' was one of the »

- Uncle Creepy

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Haywire's Gina Carano is in talks to join Fast and Furious 6

23 April 2012 2:40 PM, PDT | JoBlo.com | See recent JoBlo news »

This is some rather fitting news. Gina Carano, Mma fighter and recent star of Haywire is in talks to join the cast of Fast And Furious 6. There is no word yet on what the plot for this installment will be. Apparently it's being kept under wraps. All we know is this: "Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are set to return as rogue heroes Brian O.Conner and Dominic Toretto, respectively, while Dwayne Johnson is reprising his role as Diplomatic Security Service Agent Luke Hobbs, out to capture »

- Niki Stephens

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TV Reviews: “Fringe,” Season 4, Episode 19, “Letters of Transit”

23 April 2012 2:34 PM, PDT | FamousMonsters of Filmland | See recent Famous Monsters of Filmland news »


“Letters of Transit” Air Date: 4/20/12

In seems about every month this season that Fringe delivers a massive episode in terms of overall story arc, featuring twists and an unreal shock factor. “Letters of Transit” was the second such episode of the past three. Beginning with a Star Wars-like crawl, we discover that the Observers, formerly intent on just watching the foibles of humanity, seized control in 2015, leading to an all-out war, where the Fringe team was ultimately defeated, and are only allowed to continue to function in a limited capacity as a police for the “natives,” the human survivors of the Observer’s conquest. The “loyalists” are marked individuals that allied themselves with the Observers, and resistance is largely futile, until now. Or something like that.

After taking that punch in the stomach (and watching an entirely unique, internment camp-esque opening sequence), the action opens in 2036, on a »

- Andy Greene

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Lovely Molly: 2 New Clips Baphomet and Crying in the Closet

23 April 2012 2:09 PM, PDT | Best-Horror-Movies.com | See recent Best-Horror-Movies.com news »

The videos keep rolling in for Eduardo Sanchez's (Blair Witch Project) latest horror film Lovely Molly. It will be interesting to see what Sanchez brings to the table after changing horror movie history by introducing fans to the found footage genre. The film is directed by Eduardo Sanchez and was written by Jamie Nash and stars Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden. »

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TV Reviews: “Game of Thrones,” Season 2, Episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

23 April 2012 2:06 PM, PDT | FamousMonsters of Filmland | See recent Famous Monsters of Filmland news »

Game of Thrones

My favorite character

“Garden of Bones” Air Date: 4/22/12

Another week, and another two locations are added to the ever widening map of Westeros and beyond. Arya and company find themselves enslaved at the accursed Harrenhal, while after a week layover, Daenerys and her starving followers reach the greatest city that ever was or ever will be: Qarth (pronounced Karth, not Quarth, Daeny, jeez).

The action begins, at night, with two hapless guardsmen yapping and gossiping about the realm, and ends with their bodies lifeless on the muddy earth. Chalk it up to another victory for the King of the North, Robb Stark, with Grey Wind – his direwolf – leading the way. In the morning, bodies are littered everywhere, and Robb’s taken with the feisty and fearless Doreah (Roxanne McKee) – a woman on neither side – helping the wounded. We’ll be seeing more of her.

Back in King’s Landing, »

- Andy Greene

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