Extreme Time Cheaters: meet the people who wash up in the shower

Want to make the most of your days on Earth? TLC’s new programme stars people who hate wasting time. Warning: contains liquified steak sandwiches

Imagine, please, that you were counting down the minutes until your death. What would you do differently? Quit hitting that Twitter refresh button? Take to the streets, rip off your shirt and demand everyone melts into a flabby mess of hedonistic love-making? It’s hard to say because, outside of the terminally ill, only a weirdo would count down the minutes to their death. I can’t comment on the character of Robert Holcomb from Philadelphia but I can tell you he guesstimates that he has 28,000 days to live, and believes he has to “make every second count”. Robert says this with a haunted look. He is one of four highly productive and unfathomably pressed time-saving individuals on Extreme Time Cheaters (Tuesday, 10pm, TLC).

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