Review: 'Wish You Were Here' Starring Joel Edgerton & Teresa Palmer

Although its title implies either a whimsical journey of self-discovery or an ironic riposte to the vacation from hell, the story of “Wish You Were Here” is, in either context, a disappointingly pedestrian experience. The story of a husband and father trying to return to his normal life after a vacation with his wife and her sister that ends in the disappearance of his sister-in-law’s boyfriend, Kieran Darcy-Smith’s Australian import inspires a deluge of possibilities and provocative thoughts in its audiences’ heads, but languid pacing undermines the too-simple and ultimately too-conventional revelations that wrap up its simmering mysteries. Nevertheless, strong performances from the four leads sustains its unhurried approach far longer than the payoff deserves. Joel Edgerton plays Dave Flannery, an architect who agrees to take his wife Alice (Felicity Price) on a holiday in Cambodia after her sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) gets swept off her feet by a new boyfriend,
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‘Wish You Were Here’ Review

In Wish You Were Here, two couples take a trip from Australia to South-East Asia on holiday – but only three of them return. Dave Flannery (Joel Edgerton) and his wife Alice (Felicity Price) have two children (and one on the way) – so for them, coping is a must. Alice’s younger sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) is left worrying about the fate of her missing beau, Jeremy (Antony Starr), with nary a person to lean on for support.

As the toll of that terrible trip wears on the trio, secrets from the past begin to surface, pointing towards ugly truths that none of them may be ready to face.

Wish You Were Here has a strong cast, an interesting enough premise and competent direction all going for it; however, the script and ...

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Joel Edgerton Talks 'Wish You Were Here,' Replacing Ben Affleck On 'Gatsby,' 'Jane Got A Gun' Rumors & More

Dave Flannery seems to have it all, with a beautiful wife, two young kids, a home with a great view and a business that has managed to ride out the economic crisis. But Dave is also a man desperately trying to keep those very things from slipping away. Recently hitting Cambodia for some R&R with his wife, his wife's sister and her boyfriend, the four of them went, but only three came back. For now, the authorities are being kept in the dark as Dave and everyone else hopes the missing man will return, but it isn't long before dark secrets surface, altering everything they thought they knew about that wild night in Cambodia... The cheekily titled "Wish You Were Here" stars Joel Edgerton as Dave, with Felicity Jones and Teresa Palmer (who we also talked to; read here) as the wife and sister respectively, in a lean little
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