Event Report: Ms. BioGamer Girl 2013 Named At This Year's Con Nooga

Ms. BioGamer Girl is the first pageant to combine a multitude of fandoms with a concentration on horror and gaming. At this year's event, which took place at the Con Nooga convention, the next Ms. BioGamer Girl was officially crowned. Read on to learn more!

Con Nooga invaded Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Chattanooga Convention Center and famous Chattanooga Choo Choo during the weekend of March 1-3, 2013. The judges for the contest included BioGamer Girl's Amanda Dyar and Alissa Worley as well as Ricky Zhero of the band Radio Cult.

The event was hosted by Ms. BioGamer Girl 2012 Emlee Vassilos and runner-up Amber Teachey. Over $500 in prizes was awarded to our winners which included video games, controllers, t-shirts, books and even a signed Night of the Living Dead poster from John Russo and George Kosana.

The pageant once again consisted of multiple rounds which not only showed the contestants' inner and
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That's Life: Growing Up Digital Talks Lollipop Chainsaw

When Lollipop Chainsaw (review here) released on June 12th, I knew this game was going to be special. It is one of those titles that is just so outrageously over-the-top that you can't help but want to play it.

That's Life: Growing Up Digital tries to understand the complexities of Lollipop Chainsaw and finds that decapitation by chainsaw can be entertaining at any age!

Gaming is sometimes in your blood, and that is proven in the first episode of That’s Life: Growing Up Digital. The video takes you inside gaming with the founders of BioGamer Girl Magazine (Bgg), Amanda Dyar and Alissa Worley. The Bgg duo discuss life and video games with their first look at the outrageous title Lollipop Chainsaw. The show quickly unravels as Alissa’s interest dwindles and she soon starts divulging her mom’s dark secrets. We learn that games can be fun for
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BioGamer Girl Magazine Brings the Horror Goods for Kids of All Ages

The spring 2012 issue of BioGamer Girl Magazine is out now, and you can find all kinds of great horror and gaming content within its pages including reviews of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Neverdead, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill Downpour.

There is also plenty of other content that covers gaming, horror and women in the genres of gaming and horror. In fact, BioGamer Girl released their first ever music video to coincide and help promote the release of the newest issue of the magazine. Be warned, it's extremely kid friendly and may result in a bout of cuteness overload for the rest of the day. Watch At Your Own Risk!

The BioGamer Girl music video stars Bgg CEO Amanda Dyar and her two children--Seth Worley and Alissa Worley. A little known fact about the company is that it was founded, in part, on these two young children's hobbies and talents.
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