Slasher Comedy 'Teachers' Day' Official Selection of Shockfest 2014

by Gerald Beanery,

Frolic Pictures has announced that the recent slasher-comedy Teachers' Day has made "Official Selection" for both Mockfest and Shockfest 2014!  Check out the newest "Teachers' Day" trailer below the details.

It will hold its world premiere on Friday, January 10th at 6pm at Raleigh Studios in the beautiful Charlie Chaplin Theater! It has been given the best slot on the schedule to open up this 2 day double horror festival. It is the only film that is in both festivals. Nominations will be announced January 7th.

Plot: After being fired, a high school educator goes on a killing spree, stalking his former female students at their slumber party.

Written and directed by Jared Masters. Stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Lindsay Lamb, Danika Galindo, Courtney Rood, and Bruce Kade. With Dawna Lee Heising, Andrew Phillips, Simone Wasserman, Abby Summers, Nick Sinise, Lonnie Alcide Gardner, Mindy Robinson, Art Roberts,
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Owl Wise Publishing releases 'Teachers' Day' book based on the Hollywood movie

by Gerald Beanery,

The Teachers' Day novel inspired by the upcoming slasher film of the same name, hit the streets this week. The paperback and Kindle edition are now available on Amazon.

Author Stephanie Campbell has adapted the screenplay written by Jared Masters into a suspenseful and mysterious crime-detective story, not just for young audiences. A real page-turner. You will laugh. You will cry. And soon you will see the movie. You won't put this novel down, as Campbell's version of the story may just go above and beyond the boundaries of the film, diving deep into the character's unnerving back-stories and personal dilemmas. But only you'll be the judge of that.

Book synopsis: Jessica is an average girl. She gets straight Cs and has a crush on her attractive high school teachers' aide, Mr. Anderson. When her principal ends up dead and Mr. Anderson is blamed, her
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[Media] - "Teachers' Day" Teaser trailer

Jared Masters send us the link to the teaser trailer of his new horror-comedy, a cinematic love letter to 80s slasher horror films called "Teachers' Day". The movie stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Danika Galindo, Lindsay Lamb, Courtney Rood, Art Roberts, Bruce Kade and Dawna Lee Heising.A 12th grade European History educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds, snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party....
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First teaser trailer for 'Teachers' Day' Released


The first teaser trailer for the upcoming slasher-comedy Teachers' Day has been released.

Some blood, skin and hot high school girls jumping on a bed having a sleepover -- who can't dig that?

Check out the teaser trailer under the details below.

From the Press Release:

Yes, you have to watch it at least twice to digest the sub-atomic taste of a world you or your kids will have to adjust to, because it is within such art that trend follows. A showcase of raw, rambunctious entertainment. Relics from a past, you just can't put behind you. High school. Hot for teacher. It's here; in the form of an alienated society bursting with skin tones and fear.

Teachers' Day is a slasher-comedy releasing this year. The story involves a Napoleon Bonaparte obsessed high school educator, who goes on a killing spree, after not feeling appreciated on Teachers' Day.
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'Teachers’ Day' wrapped on Teachers’ Day

by David Harkness,

In 1980 you may have been pleasantly mortified by Charles Kaufman’s Mother’s Day. In 1993 people everywhere were mesmerized by a simple weatherman who finds himself living the same day over and over again in Harold RamisGroundhog Day. In 1996, July 4th was given a new name in terror when aliens invaded the U.S. in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. In 2010 you may have cuddled up to Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, or checked out Chris Lamartina’s President’s Day. In 2013, and for every year after, you will associate the holiday that falls annually on May 7th with the horrors, humor, and startling imagery of a high school educator gone mad in Jared Masters’ Teachers’ Day, a shocking, unexpected to-be hit holiday movie.

It was on May 7th, 2013, on Teachers’ Day, nationwide, that Frolic Pictures announced wrapping principle photography on
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'Teachers' Day' continues to grind away

by David Harkness,

Jared Lee Masters, mastermind behind the upcoming horror slasher ‘Teachers’ Day’, continues to grind forward on the film. The film is about 2/3 done and has a planned wrap date of early May.

Take a look at the full details below.

From the Press Release:

Once every six or seven years; a motion picture is made that leaves you tingling from amazement, tickled by humor, tantalized by sensationalism, tormented by horror, and tranquilized by fear. The film that's adding up this time: Teachers' Day. Viewers will be instantly immersed into a world of hot pink, ring-pop terror, a rekindling of the sugarcoated adolescence you never had, because your parents were going through a messy divorce (and you were a nasty little rebel). Teachers' Day is an American made slasher-comedy, conceived in the swamps of predictable director Jared Lee Masters' sordid mind. A crock-pot of comedic characters.
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Frolic Pictures' horror-comedy 'Teachers' Day' filming

By Seth Metoyer,

Frolic Pictures and Dismal Productions are in production of the upcoming horror-comedy Teachers' Day. Writer/Director Jared Masters told that the film is "1/3 done filming."

Keep an eye out for the poster which will be released soon and find out more details below.

From The Press Release:

Frolic Pictures Presents... The film you've been waiting for; a tawdry mix of a sinister slasher, with a double dose of comedic camp, coupled with Hollywood's grade A soon-to-be Scream Queens (for now we'll call them princesses).

What better holiday than Teachers' Day for a jilted high school educator to snap and go on a pointless killing spree, plucking off young lovelies one-by-one at their slumber party, where no boys are allowed.

Unstoppable writer/director Jared Masters admits that out of the five features he's shot, this one's the most fun he's ever had, thanks to
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80's Style Slasher 'Teachers' Day" Aka "Blood School" in Production

By Seth Metoyer,

Forward momentum is in progress for the new 80's style slasher film Teachers' Day Aka Blood School. Check out the details from Frolic Pictures below.

From The Press Release:

Frolic Pictures, in Hollywood, is slated to shoot a new 80′s style slasher next month. "Teachers' Day" Aka "Blood School". The love-letter to video trash of yesteryear will be brought to the screen by jilted writer/director Jared Masters. Scored by Sean Gibson, shot by Tim McCombe, with production design by Adam Trash.

The story involves a Napoleon Bonaparte obsessed high school educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds, which snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.

The film features Bruce Kade, Kris Black, Art Roberts, Dawna Lee Heising, Paul Tirado, Courtney Rood, Anthony Del Negro,
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