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Haters Back Off: Cancelled; No Season Three for Netflix Comedy Series

Let your haters be your motivators. Netflix has cancelled its Haters Back Off! TV show after two seasons. Created by star Colleen Ballinger, with Chris Ballinger, the Netflix TV series spun off of the popular YouTube character, Miranda Sings. Angela Kinsey, Francesca Reale, Erik Stocklin, and Steve Little also star. A surreal scripted comedy, Haters Back Off! centers on, "...the oddball family life of Miranda Sings." Netflix describes the character as, "...an incredibly confident, totally untalented star on the rise who continues to fail upward by the power of her belief that she was born famous, it's just no one knows it yet." Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Dylan Playfair, Harvey Guillen, Lindsay Navarro, Rachelle Gillis, Mel Tuck, Simon Longmore, and Kara Hayward recur. Guest stars include Ben Stiller, John Early, C. Ernst Harth, Joey Graceffa, Michael Bean, Frankie
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Must Watch First Trailer for Wes Anderson's Stop-Motion 'Isle of Dogs'

"Somebody is up to something..." Fox Searchlight has revealed the first official trailer for Wes Anderson's latest film, a stop-motion adventure titled Isle of Dogs. Set in Japan, the story follows a boy's odyssey in search of his dog. That's about all we know, since this is our first official glimpse at footage from the film (aside from the very brief announcement last year). Isle of Dogs features the voice of Edward Norton as Rex, along with a huge ensemble voice cast: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Liev Schreiber, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Kara Hayward, Fisher Stevens, F. Murray Abraham, Courtney B. Vance, Bob Balaban, and Yoko Ono. I completely adore Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I'm crazy excited to see Anderson make another stop-motion movie about dogs next (since I also love dogs). I have a feeling I'm going to adore this.
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Sundance 2017: 13 Talents Poised to Break Out At This Year’s Festival

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Sundance 2017: 13 Talents Poised to Break Out At This Year’s Festival
The Sundance Film Festival has long been a proving ground for brand new talents and stars-in-the-making looking to catapult their career into the big leagues, and this year’s edition of the lauded fest looks to be no different. From actors to filmmakers, we’ve targeted a batch of up-and-coming talents who are set to make it big at this year’s festival. There may be a familiar face or two among their ranks, but we’re betting that, post-Sundance, they’re going to be just about everywhere from now on.

Read More: Sundance 2017: Check Out the Full Lineup, Including Competition Titles, Premieres and Shorts

Ahead, check out 13 talents we’re excited to see break out at this year’s festival.

Margaret Qualley, actor, “Novitiate

Over the past few years, Margaret Qualley has amassed a notable screen career, between “The Leftovers” and last year’s hypnotic Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo short.
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Second Opinion – Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Manchester by the Sea, 2016.

Directed by Kenneth Lonergan.

Starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, Tate Donovan, C.J Wilson, Gretchen Mol, Kara Hayward, Josh Hamilton, Anna Baryshnikov, and Matthew Broderick.


An uncle is asked to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies.

Few writers/directors understand the minutiae of human interaction quite like Kenneth Lonergan. His films tackle grief and loss with a quietly dignified, murmured confidence. Conversations have the feel of intrusion, the audience as a peeping Tom. It’s emotional voyeurism. With Manchester by the Sea, only Lonergan’s third film in 17 years, he’s carved a masterpiece out of broken bodies and tired souls.

Where thematically his films nod towards the melancholy and the tragic, they manifest as subtext buried beneath far broader ideas. The trailer for Manchester, somewhat smartly, totally avoids this subtext in place of the louder,
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Awards Season Films Awash in Edgy Roles for Young Actors

Awards Season Films Awash in Edgy Roles for Young Actors
Fans of 2012’s “Moonrise Kingdom” take note: There’s an Easter egg of sorts hidden in “Manchester by the Sea” that should delight you: Lucas Hedges and Kara Hayward. Casting director Douglas Aibel first hired the pair as virtually untried preteens for the quirky Wes Anderson film — and four years later, put them back on screen again in “Manchester.”

“Lucas was the first person I thought of when I read the [“Manchester”] script,” Aibel says. “There was a risk that his character could be an annoying smart aleck, but Lucas brought this emotional truth and emotional vulnerability that broke the role open.”

Hayward, who plays one of his girlfriends in “Manchester,” came more coincidentally to the new film, though four years ago she hadn’t even acted. “She didn’t want to be an actress; she just showed up for the open call and a few months later was shooting this leading role,
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Movie Review – Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Manchester by the Sea, 2016.

Directed by Kenneth Lonergan.

Starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, Tate Donovan, C.J Wilson, Gretchen Mol, Kara Hayward, Josh Hamilton, Anna Baryshnikov, and Matthew Broderick


An uncle is forced to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies.

“I can’t beat it” – Those four small but powerful words might be the most emotional piece of dialogue heard all year.

The quote in reference comes from Casey Affleck, playing an absolute broken and tormented soul. It would be a travesty and disservice to readers spoiling why (shame on any critic that actually does in their review), so let’s just say he has suffered Shakespearean levels of extreme tragedy. The worst part is that a great deal of immaturity brought on the scenario, and everything was 100% avoidable. The resulting pain is seemingly eternal, and Lee (Casey Affleck) can’t beat the suffering,
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Adam Driver Waxes Poetic in ‘Paterson’ First Trailer

Adam Driver Waxes Poetic in ‘Paterson’ First Trailer
Adam Driver plays a bus driver and an aspiring poet named Paterson living in Paterson, N.J., in Jim Jarmusch’s aptly titled film “Paterson.” The poetic nature of it all isn’t lost on the movie’s characters … or its audience.

The first trailer for the movie offers a two-minute-30-second look at Paterson’s humdrum daily routine, with a few bursts of excitement when he takes down a gunman at his local bar and evacuates a bus before it explodes.

Paterson is filled with self-doubt about his secret passion — poetry — despite encouragement from his doting wife Rosie (Golshifteh Farahani), an aspiring country singer who wants to move to Nashville.

“As a movie, ‘Paterson’ makes the quiet, contained life of its hero wistfully appealing,” Variety‘s Chief Film Critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review of the movie, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

William Jackson Harper, Chasten Harmon,
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‘Strange Weather’ to Open Hamptons Film Festival

‘Strange Weather’ to Open Hamptons Film Festival
Katherine Dieckmann’s “Strange Weather” will open the Hamptons Intl. Film Festival on Oct. 7. Additionally, Kenneth Lonergan’s film “Machester by the Sea” will be presented as the Saturday centerpiece film, with Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women” to be featured as the Sunday centerpiece film.

“Our Southampton opening night and centerpiece films bring an array of talented filmmakers, actors, and diverse storylines to Hiff this year,” said David Nugent, festival artistic director. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to screen these bodies of work.”

Strange Weather” stars Holly Hunter as a mother who travels the back roads of the Deep South to settle a score in an effort to deal with the grief over the death of her son. The film also stars Carrie Coon, Kim Coates, and Glenne Headly.

Starring Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea” centers around a janitor who, after the death of his older brother, is
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Must Watch: Trailer for Kenneth Lonergan's 'Manchester by the Sea'

"If you really feel you can't take this on, you know... That's your right." Amazon Studios has debuted the first trailer for Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea, a film many critics have been raving about since it first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Set in Massachusetts, this very emotional drama stars Casey Affleck as an uncle who has to help take care of a teenage boy, played by Lucas Hedges, when his father suddenly dies. Affleck and Hedges both give awards-worthy performances, but there's so much more to this exceptional film. The cast includes Kyle Chandler, Michelle Williams, Matthew Broderick, Gretchen Mol, Tate Donovan and Kara Hayward. This trailer doesn't give away too much, thankfully, but it does setup the story in an engaging way. I've seen the film and it's truly as great as everyone is saying. Here's the first official trailer for Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea,
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First Trailer For Manchester By The Sea Arrives

Kenneth Lonergan is perhaps one of the most highly respected writer-directors working today – and yet his cinematic output is less than prolific. While he has penned a number of screenplays, the upcoming Manchester By The Sea is only his third time at the helm, after 2000’s You Can Count On Me and 2011’s Margaret. Arguably, a lot of that will be connected to the protracted legal battles that surrounded the edit and release of his second film – originally scheduled for release in 2007 – but thankfully, no such drama engulfed Manchester By The Sea.

The premise is simple – a man is faced with the task of caring for his teenage nephew after the death of his older brother – but being a Kenneth Lonergan film, we get much more than that. Using this sparse thread, the filmmaker weaves a rich tale that contemplates life, death, and everything in between, in a movie that
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Variety Announces 10 Actors to Watch for 2016

Variety Announces 10 Actors to Watch for 2016
Variety is pleased to announce its annual list of 10 Actors to Watch, an honor the publication has bestowed since 1998.

Past honorees include many future Oscar winners and nominees, such as Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Brie Larson, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Shannon, and Melissa Leo.

This year’s honorees will be feted in the Oct. 4 issue of Variety, in conjunction with coverage of the Hamptons International Film Festival, which runs Oct. 6 to Oct. 10. This marks the fifth year Variety has collaborated with the festival to present Actors to Watch.

“The Hamptons International Film Festival has had the privilege of honoring rising talent for over 15 years. We are thrilled to once again partner with Variety to recognize this group of 10 diverse, talented actors for the incredible work they have done in their careers,” says Hiff Artistic Director David Nugent. “As we have seen our previous honorees blossom over the years,
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Film Guide: What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend? (July 22, 2016)

Film Guide: What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend? (July 22, 2016)
To help sift through the increasing number of new releases (independent or otherwise), the Weekly Film Guide is here! Below you’ll find basic plot, personnel and cinema information for all of this week’s fresh offerings.

For July, we’ve also put together a list for the entire month. We’ve included this week’s list below, complete with information on screening locations for films in limited release.

See More: Here Are All the Upcoming Movies in Theaters for July 2016

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, July 22. All synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.


Ice Age: Collision Course

Director: Galen T. Chu, Mike Thermeier

Cast: Adam DeVine, Jennifer Lopez, Melissa Rauch

Synopsis: Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet.
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‘Quitters’ Exclusive Trailer & Poster: A Smart-Aleck Teen Escapes His Troubled Home For a New Family

‘Quitters’ Exclusive Trailer & Poster: A Smart-Aleck Teen Escapes His Troubled Home For a New Family
In “Quitters,” young Clark (Ben Konigsberg) is a smart-aleck San Francisco teen who thinks he can outsmart the entire world, but his home life is a mess. His mother (Mira Sorvino) has a prescription pill addiction that lands her in rehab, and Clark doesn’t have much of a relationship with his impatient father (Gregg Germann).

So what does he do? He decides to find a new family, specifically the family of an attractive classmate Natalia (Morgan Turner) who lets Clark temporarily move in as a houseguest. When conflict inevitably arises, it’s up to Clark to face up to the reality of his situation. The film also stars Kara Hayward (“Moonrise Kingdom”), Kieran Culkin (“Margaret”), Saffron Burrows (“Mozart in the Jungle”), and Scott Lawrence (“Jag”). Watch an exclusive trailer for “Quitters” above.

Read More: Meet the 2015 SXSW Filmmakers #12: Noah Pritzker’s ‘Quitters’ Sees a Family Falling Apart

Quitters” is the debut feature from director Noah Pritzker who also co-wrote the script with Ben Tarnoff. Pritzker recently told IndieWire, “‘Quitters’ initially came out of a short I was writing while at film school. The short focused on Clark’s family, and I was eager to keep writing and see where Clark would go and show more of the San Francisco world he would travel through. At the time, Ben Tarnoff – who I wrote the movie with – was writing a book about 19th century San Francisco. We both grew up there, went to the same high school, and were both drawn to the idea of writing about the city.”

“My short film ‘Little Dad’ got into SXSW while we were finishing a draft of ‘Quitters,’ which helped us get the movie made,” he added. “One of the first people to come on board was our casting director Doug Aibel. He and his team looked far and wide for the main character, played by Ben Konigsberg, whose performance as Clark defines the film.”

The film premiered at last year’s South by Southwest Festival. Star Ben Konigsberg is best known for his role as Yusef on the Netflix original series “Orange is the New Black” as well as Hal in Tim Blake Nelson’s latest film “Anesthesia.”

Quitters” opens in select theaters and VOD on July 22. Check out a poster from the film below.

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First Look: Adam Driver In Jim Jarmusch's 'Paterson'

Any year with a new Jim Jarmusch movie is a good year, and 2016 looks promising. The director returns with "Paterson," a new film starring Adam Driver, that he's managed to keep a pretty low profile around. But with market at the Berlin International Film Festival coming up, where the picture will be up for grabs to foreign buyers, the box has opened up slightly around the movie. Read More: The 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2016 The first image has landed of Driver's titular bus driver. The story seems to be small scale and intimate, tracking the relationship between Paterson and Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), with Kara Hayward and Sterling Jerins rounding out the cast. Here's the official synopsis: Paterson (played by Driver) is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey — they share the name. Every day, Paterson adheres to a simple routine: he drives his daily route, observing the
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Review: Casey Affleck's amazing work anchors fest best 'Manchester By The Sea'

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Review: Casey Affleck's amazing work anchors fest best 'Manchester By The Sea'
Grief is a terrible animal, red of claw and tooth, and once it gets hold of you, there is no way of knowing what it will do to you. Over the last year, I've watched a dear friend of mine struggle with back to back losses of two of the most important people in her life, and at times, I've genuinely worried that it would be too much for her to take. This is a strong, vibrant person, and grief landed on her in a way that very nearly crushed all of that joy and vitality right out of her. I've had my own bouts with profound sorrow over the last year as a result of the end of my marriage, and while I feel like I've reached the other side of all of that, I remain shaken by just how damaged I was by things. For the first time in my adult life,
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[Sundance Review] Manchester By the Sea

With his unassuming, quietly affecting films leaving such a distinctly indelible impact long after the credits roll, we may only have three films from Kenneth Lonergan across sixteen years, but they provide a lifetime’s worth of human experience. His latest, Manchester By the Sea, finds him in the quaint northeastern Massachusetts town as he immaculately constructs a layered, non-linear exploration of the ripple effects of loss and grief.

Appearing in nearly every scene of the drama is Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, living out his lonely life in Boston working as a handyman for a group of four apartment buildings. A phone call from his hometown informs him that his brother Joe’s (Kyle Chandler) long-diagnosed congestive heart failure finally caught up with him. Passing away before Lee makes it home, he must now deal with the aftermath of his brother’s death and the ocean of grief that it brings,
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The Definitive Romantic Comedies: 50-41

We all have predisposed notions about the infamous “romantic comedy.” As with other genres, there’s a large subsection of offerings, giving it a bad name. But, for every tired, cliché-driven comedy, there is another impressive offering that redefines the genre, garners plenty of laughs, and tells an honest story about love and relationships, however warped they may be. In the coming weeks, we’ll take a look at the fifty romantic comedy films that should be seen. These may not all be classic films, but they certainly put a stamp on the industry and the genre we affectionately call “rom-coms.”

#50. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Most of Wes Anderson’s films could be described as romantic comedies, but his 2012 effort stands out, as its central story focuses on young love and the need to find acceptance. In Anderson’s world, while quirks abound, true connections between characters are commonplace. With Moonrise Kingdom,
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“Moonrise Kingdom” (2012; Directed by Wes Anderson) (The Criterion Collection)

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“Oddballs And Young Love

By Raymond Benson

Wes Anderson’s marvelous 2012 comedy, Moonrise Kingdom, was previously released on Blu-ray and DVD, but The Criterion Collection has seen fit to issue an edition that blows the old one away. With an abundance of fun, entertaining supplements and packaged ephemera—Criterion’s disc is in keeping with the other fine releases the company has done for the filmmaker.

Moonrise Kingdom is the first Wes Anderson movie I truly fell in love with. While I liked and appreciated his earlier pictures, Moonrise is a flawless masterpiece of style and wit—as is Anderson’s following film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. For my money, these are two slam-bang pieces of comic brilliance.

The setting is a small fictional New England island, during one summer in the Sixties. A Boy Scout troop camps out there. Some families live on the island, others visit for the season.
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SFIFF58: Week 2 in Review

Courtesy of the San Francisco Film Society.

Love & Mercy

Written by Oren Moverman & Michael A. Lerner

Directed by Bill Pohlad

USA, 2015

Based on the life of The Beach BoysBrian Wilson, Love & Mercy depicts the singer’s descent into mental illness at the peak of the band’s popularity in the 1960s, while in the 1980s a chance meeting with a car saleswoman promises to save him from the brink of destruction. Paul Dano, as the young Wilson, is endearingly awkward yet creatively brilliant, capable of creating harmonies that most wouldn’t dream of. While years later his forward-thinking vision would earn the 1966 album “Pet Sounds” a place in the pop music canon, at the time it caused major tension within the band. Twenty years later, Wilson, now played by John Cusack, is a neurotic, washed-up and over-medicated version of his former self thanks to a dangerous codependency on his
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Preview: Final Four Nights of 2015 Chicago Critics Film Festival

Chicago – As the Chicago Critics Film Festival (Ccff) – a film festival as programmed by the members of the Chicago Film Critics Association – heads into its last four nights, the variety and depth of the films that are being screened continues to astound and entertain. It all takes place at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, May 4 through 7, 2015.

HollywoodChicago.com contributors Nick Allen and Patrick McDonald have been sampling the best of the festival, and offer this preview of the final four nights of films. Each capsule is designated with Na (Nick Allen) or Pm (Patrick McDonald) – to indicate the author – or encapsulates the official synopsis from the festival.

Quitters’ Screens on Monday, May 4th, at the Chicago Critics Film Festival

Photo credit: Chicago Critics Film Festival

The Ccff Closing Night films are the 2015 Sundance hits “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” and “The Overnight,” screening on Thursday, May 7th,
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