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The Musketeers series 3 episode 10 review: We Are The Garrison

Rob Kemp Aug 1, 2016

This review contains spoilers.

3.10 We Are The Garrison

So here we are, the end of both the third series and the show. It’s been a funny old run, never quite meeting the dramatic highs of the second nor the freshness of the first, but that’s not to say it didn’t have its moments. It is somewhat fitting that We Are The Garrison reflects the series as a whole – it ticks all the boxes but does so in a somewhat workmanlike manner. It's a fitting end to the show - good, mostly satisfying but lacking that certain something that would set it distinctly apart.

It was fantastic to see the Musketeers being placed unequivocally front and centre. All four actors embraced their final moments in these characters and each shone. Writer and showrunner Simon Allen has done a good job to ensure that no one
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The Musketeers: Hulu to Stream Third and Final Season in Us

[caption id="attachment_48973" align="aligncenter" width="590"] The Musketeers TV show on BBC One: complete series to stream on Hulu in the Us./caption]

All for streaming and streaming for all. Hulu has announced it will stream all three seasons of The Musketeers TV show in the Us, starting tomorrow, May 14, 2016. While no one has said The Musketeers series was cancelled, the cast announced the series was ending after the third season. The BBC later confirmed season three of The Musketeers would be the last. The showrunners have also said there is no chance for a fourth season.

The Musketeers TV show cast includes: Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Tamla Kari, Maimie McCoy, and Hugo Speer. Rupert Everett joined the series in season three as Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron, the corrupt Parisian Governor.

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Hulu to Premiere Season 3 of ‘The Musketeers’ in U.S.

Hulu to Premiere Season 3 of ‘The Musketeers’ in U.S.
BBC drama “The Musketeers” is heading to Hulu, which has nabbed the exclusive U.S. SVOD rights to every episode of the British series. Under the deal, Season 3 of “The Musketeers” will premiere in the U.S. exclusively on Hulu. All three seasons will be available to stream beginning Saturday, May 14, and Hulu will be the only streaming service with rights to the third (and final) season stateside. The show previously aired on BBC America in the U.S.

The Musketeers” is set on the streets of seventeenth century Paris, where law and order is more of an idea than a reality. In addition to being King Louis Xiii’s personal bodyguards, Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles), joined by D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), stand resolutely for social justice, honor, valor, love — and for the thrill of it.

The series was created by Adrian Hodges, with
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12 contenders to replace Jenna Coleman as Doctor Who's next companion

The rumours have been rife, but now we have it 100% confirmed - Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who, which means the hunt is on for her replacement.

Who's fit to follow in Clara's footsteps? 12 suggestions follow - from the silly to the serious.

Jenna Coleman will star as Queen Victoria in a major new ITV drama

1. Ingrid Oliver

Unit scientist Osgood - first name as yet undisclosed - is perhaps the natural choice to replace Clara.

Smart, plucky and with a taste for adventure, she's got all the qualities one looks for in a companion - and was already eyed as a potential by the Doctor before her untimely demise ("All of time and space - something for your bucket list.").

Now that she's apparently returned from the dead, perhaps Osgood could step aboard the Tardis in series nine - providing she's not a Zygon duplicate.

2. Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones
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Maimie McCoy will be absent from some of The Musketeers series 3

Big news for fans of The Musketeers - Maimie McCoy will not appear in the opening episodes of series three.

McCoy is pregnant and so is currently unable to reprise her role of Milady on the BBC drama.

However, a BBC spokesperson has confirmed to Digital Spy that the actress is in talks to return to the show at a later date.

"We are delighted for Maimie and wish her well through her pregnancy," they said. "We very much hope she may come back as Milady in the latter half of series 3 and are in discussions with her to that effect."

It is currently unclear how many episodes McCoy will miss as a result of her pregnancy.

Rupert Everett and Matthew McNulty will join The Musketeers for its third series, playing a pair of new villains.

The pair will appear alongside returning cast members Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles,
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Rupert Everett and Matthew McNulty will cause trouble for The Musketeers

Fans of The Musketeers - meet your new villain.

Rupert Everett is set to follow in the footsteps of Peter Capaldi and Marc Warren by playing an antagonist in the BBC drama's third series.

Everett has been cast as Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron - illegitimate brother to Louis Xiii (Ryan Gage) and the corrupt Governor of Paris.

Jamaica Inn actor Matthew McNulty will also join the show as Lucien Grimaud, a money lender and vicious criminal who goes up against the Musketeers.

The pair will join returning cast members Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera, Hugo Speer, Ryan Gage, Alexandra Dowling and Tamla Kari.

The Musketeers creator Adrian Hodges will not return as showrunner for the third series, with Simon Ashford and Simon Allen serving as lead writers and Matthew Bird (Fortitude, Death in Paradise) joining as producer.

New episodes have been shooting in Prague since April.
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The Musketeers: Adrian Hodges exits as showrunner ahead of series 3

The Musketeers creator Adrian Hodges has stepped down as showrunner ahead of the upcoming third series.

Hodges adapted Alexandre Dumas's novel for BBC One, but revealed to Geek Syndicate that he will not be back for the next run.

"I just felt that after the last season I was totally knackered," he said. "I love the show but it had been a very intensive two... well, four years really - and what I didn't want to do was go straight into developing a new season. I just didn't quite have the energy to do that."

BBC One was able to recommission The Musketeers thanks to financial backing from BBC Worldwide and BBC America, who also contributed to the first two series.

"The Musketeers has delighted audiences at home and around the world and we're thrilled that we've been able to financially support bringing a third series to the BBC,
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The Musketeers

Network: BBC America

Episodes: Ongoing (hour)

Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: May 22, 2014 -- Tbd

Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera, Peter Capaldi, Alexandra Dowling, Ryan Gage, Tamla Kari, Maimie McCoy, Luke Pasqualino, Hugo Speer, and Marc Warren.

TV show description:

This historical action drama series is based on the characters found in the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Set in Paris in the year 1630, Athos, Aramis and Porthos are highly-trained Musketeers who fight to protect their king and France.

Along the way, they meet a young but skilled farm boy who longs to become a Musketeer. Charismatic, impulsive and ridiculously brave, young D'Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) has exceptional skill with a sword. Athletic and determined, he is also intensely romantic. In time,
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The Musketeers series 2 episode 10 review: Trial And Punishment

  • Den of Geek
The Musketeers tops off a strong second series with a fitting finale in which Marc Warren really made the villain's role his own...

This review contains spoilers.

2.10 Trial And Punishment

So this is it, the end of series 2. It’s been a fair old journey with some excellent highs and fortunately not many lows (not to mention far too many interruptions – damn you sport and charity!). The series finale often seems to linger, perhaps unfairly, as the one remembered by most and considered a yard stick for the run as a whole. In that respect, Trial And Punishment (written by Simon Allen and directed by Nicholas Renton), is a fitting end to what has been a really strong season.

Perhaps the most vivid image from last week's preview was of a haunted Constance being led to the executioner. It was with some surprise then, that this opened the episode, as
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Cuckoo Us remake casts Jane the Virgin actress Rachel Dipillo

NBC's remake of the BBC sitcom Cuckoo has cast Jane the Virgin actress Rachel Dipillo.

Like the original, the Us Cuckoo will tell the story of a middle-class family who react badly when their daughter marries an irritating eccentric named Cuckoo.

Cuckoo - played by Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg in the UK series - will be portrayed by YouTube star Flula Borg in the remake.

Dipillo will play his new wife Rachel - a part held by Tamla Kari and later Esther Smith in the UK series.

Airing on BBC Three, the original Cuckoo underwent a revamp for its second series, with Twilight star Taylor Lautner replacing Samberg.

NBC's version is under consideration for a series pick-up alongside other comedy pilots including People Are Talking starring Saved By The Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar and a remake of 1990 film Problem Child with Matthew Lillard.

Remakes, reboots and revamps: Has Us television run out of ideas?
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The Musketeers renewed for series 3

  • Den of Geek
The BBC has ordered a third series of Adrian Hodges The Musketeers, which is due to start filming in April 2015...

The Musketeers, as our series two reviews show, has been going from strength to strength (despite a messy Friday night schedule for these past few weeks due to football, and now rugby).

It may have lost Peter Capaldi to Doctor Who, but Marc Warren's villainous Rochefort is beginning to fill those antagonist shoes nicely. The rest of the cast too, from leads Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera to supporting castmembers Ryan Gage, Tamla Kari, Maimie McCoy and Alexandra Dowling, have shaped up into a fine squad.

News of the show's third series renewal then, as announced at the start of this week by BBC Worldwide and BBC America (The Musketeers is partly financed, and goes out, internationally), comes as welcome indeed.

Series three of The Musketeers
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The Musketeers to return for third series on BBC One

The Musketeers will return to BBC One for a third series, it has been confirmed.

The show's recommissioning was made possible by financial backing from BBC Worldwide and BBC America, who also contributed to the first two series.

A BBC Worldwide spokesman said: "The Musketeers has delighted audiences at home and around the world and we're thrilled that we've been able to financially support bringing a third series to the BBC, with improved value for the licence fee payer."

Maimie McCoy talks The Musketeers: 'Don't call Milady a bad girl'

News of the period adventure's renewal first surfaced when director Andy Hay announced on Twitter that new episodes would start shooting in the Czech Republic from April.

The Musketeers stars Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera as the eponymous heroes, with Alexandra Dowling, Ryan Gage, Maimie McCoy and Tamla Kari also among the cast.

Its second series will resume on Friday,
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The Musketeers series 2 episode 3 review: The Good Traitor

  • Den of Geek
The Musketeers' winning streak continues this week, but is the supporting cast starting to eclipse the Musketeers themselves?

This review contains spoilers.

2.3 The Good Traitor

Last week’s An Ordinary Man brought excitement and danger through some strong writing and performances, and could certainly be considered up there with the best the series has had to offer. It was a good example of how a Musketeers’ story can be told that reflects the excitement and adventure of the source material but in a manner that modern audiences would enjoy – exactly what we’ve been wanting from this adaptation. The question was of course – is this a one-off? Have they peaked early ? Well, in The Good Traitor the cast and writers have done an excellent job of picking up where An Ordinary Man left off – certainly being the equal in writing, performance and direction.

On the surface, there is a
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On set for The Muskeeters series 2: 'It goes into dark territory...'

It's been an eventful nine months for The Musketeers - both on- and off-screen - since we last saw Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D'Artagnan ride off into the sunset.

Launching with an audience of 9.3m in January 2014, the period romp became the BBC's biggest new drama since Call The Midwife - but while a second series was quickly ordered, the show was soon hit by the loss of its chief antagonist.

Departing for Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi - who'd played devious Cardinal Richelieu - left The Musketeers without a villain, but when Digital Spy visited the Prague set in September, spirits among the cast and crew were far from dampened.

"No disrespect of course to the great Mr Capaldi..." says actor Howard Charles, the burly Porthos, "...but Marc Warren as Rochefort is the next best thing."

First announced in April, Mad Dogs actor Warren will be joining The Musketeers for
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The Inbetweeners co-creator rules out more Inbetweeners movies

Fans of The Inbetweeners and their latest outing (read our reviews here and here) may be disappointed to hear this news, but in an interview with Den of Geek, co-creator Iain Morris seemed very down on the idea of doing more movies with Will, Jay, Neil and Simon.

When asked if there was going to be any temptation to revisit these characters for a movie or other projects, he simply responded with, “nope”.

Seems pretty definite.

This is not the first time that Iain Morris has said that The Inbetweeners would not return to the big (or small) screen, having stated the same thing after the first movie. But after enjoying a record-breaking opening day, could he be swayed into returning for one last adventure?

He did say that he would like to keep writing with partner Damon Beesley however on new projects, “I’d like to keep making films,
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Second Opinion – The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

The Inbetweeners 2, 2014.

Written and Directed by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

Starring Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, and Emily Berrington.


Following their trip to Malia, we catch up with Will, Simon, Jay and Neil as they head on an Australian adventure

Starting its life as an E4 sitcom, The Inbetweeners has become a comedy phenomenon both here and across the pond. In their second big screen outing we catch up with the boys following their hilarious holiday to Malia. Will is the loneliest student at Bristol University, Simon is in a Fatal Attraction style relationship with Lucy (Tamla Kari), Neil is working in a Bank and Jay is apparently living it up in Australia.

We start with a hilarious montage of Jay’s crazy life in Australia where naturally he is getting blow jobs from supermodels every morning, he owns a mansion and is the best club DJ.
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The Inbetweeners 2 enjoys a record-breaking opening day

The British comedy sequel The Inbetweeners 2 enjoyed a record-breaking debut at the UK box office yesterday, pulling in over £2.75 million to surpass its predecessor The Inbetweeners Movie and set the biggest ever opening day for a comedy on these shores.

Directed by series creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, the film stars Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison and sees Jay, Neil, Simon, and Will reuniting in Australia for a holiday. Also featuring in the cast are Emily Berrington, Freddie Stroma, and Tamla Kari. Read our ★★★★ review here.

The post The Inbetweeners 2 enjoys a record-breaking opening day appeared first on Flickering Myth.
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Film Review: ‘The Inbetweeners 2’

Film Review: ‘The Inbetweeners 2’
Following the astonishing $88 million worldwide haul of the 2011 sitcom spinoff “The Inbetweeners Movie” ($71 million of which was grossed in the U.K.), lightning looks ready to strike again with this more consistently funny sequel. Hardly setting the bar for originality with its fish-out-of-water antics, and even more reliant on nudity and bodily fluids for the big comic setpieces, “The Inbetweeners 2” happily dissolves such lofty concerns in giddy gales of hilarity. Pic should score again wherever fans lurk, notably in Blighty and the Antipodes, with pockets in Germany, Italy and across Europe, scoring rich profits for U.K. broadcaster Channel 4.

Squarely aimed at the millions who are already familiar with these characters, the story picks up six months or so after the events of the first film, with Simon (Joe Thomas) and the genially gormless Neil (Blake Harrison) visiting self-sabotaging geek Will (Simon Bird) at Bristol U. It’s
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The Inbetweeners 2 review: It's knee-deep in hilarity

Directors: Damon Beesley, Iain Morris; Screenwriters: Damon Beesley, Iain Morris; Starring: Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Tamla Kari, Emily Berrington; Running time: 96 mins; Certificate: 15

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, it's time to strap on your wellies and plunge into the c***ge-related hilarity. Nothing less than knee-deep is acceptable where The Inbetweeners 2 is concerned. The quartet are back - and despite fears that their antics would wear thinner than Jay's allegedly pencil-shaped phallus - they're still hysterically funny.

A script full of smutty one-liners and imaginatively filthy scenarios ensures that the antics of Will, Jay, Simon and Neil are as hilarious as ever, as they embark on an eventful trip to Australia. Why is it called Down Under? "Because that's where your face spends most of the time," explains the endearingly delusional Jay, who claims to have had
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Movie Review – The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

The Inbetweeners 2, 2014.

Written and Directed by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

Starring Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison, Emily Berrington, Freddie Stroma, and Tamla Kari.


Jay, Neil, Simon, and Will reunite in Australia for a holiday.

In a year where the most pushed British comedy movies have been Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie and Pudsey the Dog: The Movie, it’s refreshing to see a film like The Inbetweeners 2 – a sequel to the successful first movie, itself a spin-off from the successful Channel 4 sitcom.

Since we last saw The Inbetweeners, Will is having a miserable and friend-less time at University, Simon is feeling the pressure to stay committed to his psychopath girlfriend and Neil is… well he’s Neil. The trio get an email from the fourth part of their odd friendship, Jay, who is currently living in Australia apparently as the number one DJ at a club,
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