The Gregory Brothers Travel The World In New Web Series ‘Song Voyage’

The Gregory Brothers are four members of YouTube’s old guard, but despite the fact that they’ve been making videos for a long time, Andrew, Michael, Sarah, and Evan Gregory are still innovating. Their latest show is Song Voyage, in which they travel the world and make music with local artists.

Across six episodes, Song Voyage follows The Gregory Brothers as they travel to countries like Mongolia, Japan, and Australia. Each episode chronicles a single stop on the journey, and in each nation they visit, The Gregory Bros will conspire with locals to go on adventures, achieve inspiration, and write melodious music. Based on the series’ trailer, it looks like a musical twist on an Anthony Bourdain show.

Song Voyage is a collaboration between two media companies with deep ties to the online video industry. Portal A, the studio known for serving up the annual YouTube Rewind collages, served
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The Gregory Brothers Are Behind The Theme Song Of Netflix’s ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

When NBC dropped Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt from its programming schedule, co-creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock inked a deal with Netflix to release the show and develop new seasons. And for the Kimmy Schmidt theme song, the show’s development team tapped another name in the digital entertainment world: The Gregory Brothers. The Brooklyn-based Gregory Brothers rose to fame because of their viral Auto-Tune/Songify the News web series, starting with the hit video “Bed Intruder Song.” Since then, the group of four musicians (three brothers and one brother’s wife) have worked on a pilot for Comedy Central, performed at the 83rd annual Oscars, and collaborated with Jimmy Fallon on a Super Bowl supercut video. According to Indiewire, Fey told reporters at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in January 2015 she and her team knew for a while they wanted Kimmy Schmidt to have an opening theme similar to the “Songify” format.
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Ryan Higa Debuts Google Human, YouTubers Try Not To Laugh #ComedyWeek

YouTube Comedy Week is still going strong, with a wide array of videos composing the event's Thursday slate. In what seems to be a trend, the day's videos once again included mostly new media creators after a Wednesday slate that included many efforts from traditional media stars. As per usual, a rundown of the day's videos can be seen in a roundup video hosted by Todd Womack and Mark Douglas from The Key of Awesome. This time, they feature a clip from Evan Gregory, whose new video we featured yesterday. As was the case on Tuesday, many of Thursday's highlights were regularly scheduled videos from YouTube channels. One of the most fun offerings is a YouTubers React episode where a bunch of people whose videos you've seen before try not to laugh at funny videos. I'm grateful that The Fine Bros are giving 'Guy Runs Into Wall' the exposure it deserves.
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Gregory Brothers Bring In Psy, DeStorm, Others For ‘DJ Play My Song’

Although they are best known for their auto-tuned versions of viral clips, The Gregory Brothers are also capable original songwriters. The musical quartet has released a song titled 'DJ Play My Song (No, Leave Me Alone)' as part of YouTube Comedy Week, and it combines the group's trademark catchiness with guest appearances from the likes of Psy, DeStorm, and several others. The song, a sly parody of modern pop music, features Sarah Gregory as a woman who just wants to party all night with the music turned way up, with lyrics resembling a typical club hit. However, this plan draws the ire of the DJ, played by Evan Gregory, who just wants to keep the levels reasonable and thinks the woman is getting creepy, especially when she stalks him to the bathroom, his car, and his day job. The video features a ton of guest appearances: Psy appears in
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Auto-Tune The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech

The Brooklyn-based band The Gregory Brothers uploaded one of their signature auto-tuned music video tracks to the web around this time of year way back in 2009. It featured Martin Luther King Jr. Andrew Gregory (one of the three titular bros that make up the quartet along with Evan Gregory’s wife Sarah) said at the time it was “probably the greatest performance” of any of the unintentional singers who star in his musical group's online videos. “Michael did a treatment of his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech,” Andrew noted. “It works really well because the words are so lyrical and it’s written almost in a song structure, with refrains that build.” Unfortunately, the video no longer exists on the Gregory Brothers YouTube channel. Emi Publishing owns the rights to King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream Speech,’ and the Gregory Brothers’ version was most likely a victim of the
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Morning Meme: "Glee" Leaves the Door Open For Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres Addresses One Million Moms, and Roseanne Barr For President

According to Michael Aussiello, there's a good chance that schedules willing, we could well see more of Ricky Martin's character on Glee. Despite his commitments to Evita, they hope to fly him out a few times to film quick scenes, and he's more than open to it. I'm open to anything his hips are involved in.

Evidently, the cat propaganda machine wants us to think the world will end if all the cats in the world suddenly died (or returned to their home planet). Personally, I'm willing to risk it.

But that's mostly because I want to protect my squirrel allies from the feline predators. Especially the rare purple squirrel.

Have things gotten better since It Gets Better? Even Dan Savage isn't sure.

Keeping with the animal theme, the Toronto Zoo is refusing to comment on whether gay penguins (let's not split hairs) Pedro and Buddy are raising eggs at the zoo.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Auto-Tunes the News, Newt Gingrich

The uber-talented Gregory Brothers collaborated with the 30-year-old actor in their premiere installment of the original web series Songify the News, which is a politics-heavy derivative of The Gregory Brothers’ Songify This series, which is a more secular derivative of their original politically-oriented installments of Auto-Tune the News. (One can assume with the upcoming presidential election and all the C-span footage ripe for auto-tune fodder, Michael, Andrew Rose, Evan, and Sarah Fullen Gregory decided it was a good time to return to the kind of material that made them famous in the first place.) Gordon-Levitt and the Gregory family are accompanied in Get Money, Turn Gay by Vermin Supreme, Jim Stossel, and Newt Gingrich. It’s a great addition to the Auto-Tune catalogue, opens up the door for the promise of other cameos, and isn’t the only music video project the traditional film star and online video sensations are working on together.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Wild New Music Video Skewers The News

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Wild New Music Video Skewers The News
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, already one of Hollywood's top advocates of collaborative web content with his HitRecord website, has joined up with one of the internet's biggest comedy teams to create a political satire that will make you think -- and dance.

The Gregory Brothers, the creators of "Auto-Tune the News" have brought Gordon-Levitt on board to "Songify The News." Adding a groove to their remix of ridiculous political moments, they've got Newt Gingrich talking about child janitors, a ridiculous wizard candidate and Geraldo ripping young voters for allegedly not paying attention. Add in bumpers of Gordon-Levitt singing and playing guitar, and it's hard not to laugh at the entire political process.

Check out the video below -- it is so cash money.

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