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The Terror of Dracula (2012)

Written by: Bil Brossert and Anthony D.P. Mann

Directed by: Anthony D.P. Mann

Featuring: Anthony D.P. Mann, Matt Davis, Terry Wade, Denise Wedge, Barry Yuen

Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been adapted in so many mediums, one would figure that the novel would be more beloved, or at least talked about more often.

I remember excitedly picking up the book for the first time nearly 20 years ago (in anticipation of what I lovingly refer to as the funniest film Francis Ford Coppola has ever made), but as I discovered to my chagrin, Dracula, the novel, is dry. Dry. Drrrrrrrryyyyyyyy. It’s filled with memorable, iconic characters, unforgettable imagery and scenes that stick in the mind for a long time, but actually getting through the majority of Stoker’s leaden prose, in my experience, is a bit of a slog.

There are always purists, however, and co-writer/director/star Anthony D.P. Mann
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