First Look At Darren Lynch's Ouija

England's Darren Lynch has been hard at work developing what must be considered a rarity of the horror genre: a picture based on the notorious Ouija Board. Titled, Ouija, the film focuses on nine friends who take to the woods for an enjoyable night of camping, boozing and, well, all the things youngsters are inclined to do when away from any form of discipline. The only problem however, is that damn Ouija Board someone brought along, and the evils that come affixed: these kids quickly learn that sometimes urban legends prove very factual. While an official release date is still in the air (it looks as though the film is wrapping post-production), Darren informed me that we will indeed see the film surface in 2013.
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Indie Horror Month Interview & Exclusive Stills Debut: Filmmaker Darren Lynch Discusses UK Indie Horror Flick Ouija

UK-based actor-turned-director Darren Lynch is currently finishing up his filmmaking debut Ouija, which he's hoping will be hitting theaters across the pond in time for Halloween.

The supernatural tale centers around nine friends who go on a camping trip and unknowingly unleash a horde of demons after a round of shenanigans with a Ouija board goes horribly awry.

Dread Central recently caught up with Lynch, who also co-stars in his first-ever feature film, to hear more about how his career transitioned from in front of the camera to behind it, the inspiration behind Ouija and balancing a career as both an up-and-coming actor and director.

Lynch also shared with Dread a gaggle of exclusive stills from Ouija, which you can check out below. Look for more news on Ouija down the road as well!

Dread Central: Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what got you interested in filmmaking
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