Update and New Trailer for Echo Lake

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When we first heard about Echo Lake last December, it was slated to be a web series, but things have changed as co-writer (with Kelsey Zukowski) and director Jonathan Moody now tells us it's turned into a feature. They're in the midst of fundraising to finish shooting this winter, and to help move things along in that regard, they've released a new trailer.

The film from Sick Flick Productions stars Chason Hunter, Brittany Colley, Andre Bland, Eli Harris, Kelsey Zukowski, Jonathan Moody, Sam Qualiana, Brandon McPherson, Robert Shepherd, and Frances Mitchell; and once Phase II kicks into gear, they'll be joined by a few more recognizable names: Jackey Hall (Cyborg Conquest, 869), Shawn C. Phillips (Haunted High, Chillerama), Sierra Holmes (Piranha 3Dd, VH1’s "Scream Queens"), and Melantha Blackthorne (Sineaters, The Witching Hour).


"In this town... nobody's safe."

Ten years ago the small town of Echo Lake suffered horrific murders
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