Jared Flesher On Doc Filmmaking With A Dslr : Part II

In part 1 of this interview, filmmaker Jared Flesher talked about his latest project, Sourlands, and making the switch to a large sensor Dslr camera. In part 2, Jared talks about how he works as a one-man crew, other equipment he uses, finishing the project, and what future camera he might like to use:

You were your own crew for this documentary?

Part of my style of filmmaking is to be a one0-man film team. There are practical reasons for that. I’m working on a fairly limited budget, so if I don’t have to pay a sound man, or someone to set up lighting or operate the camera, then obviously I can spend more time and resources just making a film.

But another reason I really like working as a one man film team is that I’m trying to make documentaries in which I’m spending hour and
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Jared Flesher On Doc Filmmaking With A Dslr : Part I

Jared Flesher is a self-taught filmmaker. He shot his first feature-length documentary, The Farmer and The Horse on a Canon consumer camcorder, shooting and editing the entire movie himself. With the success of that movie under his belt, he moved on to his second documentary, Sourlands, which he just finished shooting and hopes to complete by June of 2012. For this movie he decided to make the switch to a larger sensor camera, and chose the Panasonic GH2.

In the first part of this interview, Jared talks about why he made the movie, and his experience making the switch to shooting with a Dslr.

What’s Sourlands about?

If you were to take out a map and trace your finger from New York City to Philadelphia, that line would run through the most densely populated part of the country. More people live there than anywhere else. But right along that line
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