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‘Red Oaks’ Review: Season 3 Goes Out on Its Own Terms, Ending a Lovely Series with a Dose of Inspiration

‘Red Oaks’ Review: Season 3 Goes Out on Its Own Terms, Ending a Lovely Series with a Dose of Inspiration
For a show perhaps best known for its short shorts and tennis courts, “Red Oaks” has always been about a race: It’s the pursuit of one’s dream vs. the crushing constrictions of time. It’s those fleeting years of adolescence, spent getting high and thinking higher vs. the life’s practicalities, the expectations of parents, and the varying opportunities dictated by privilege. It’s David vs. Goliath, and David’s got a shot at this thing.

This race, though, has largely been run. Entering its final season, “Red Oaks” is flying past the finish line, and viewers are treated to a leisurely cool down, waiting for the results even if they can probably guess ‘em. This extended epilogue isn’t particularly urgent, nor hysterically funny. But it remains galvanizing, as the honesty and maturity that made the series beloved by its small fandom persists, and those who’ve
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Red Oaks: Is the Amazon TV Series Cancelled or Renewed for Season Four?

Vulture Watch Is this the back nine? Has the Red Oaks TV show been cancelled or renewed for a fourth season on Amazon? The television vulture is watching all the latest TV cancellation and renewal news, so this page is the place to track the status of Red Oaks, season four. Bookmark it, or subscribe for the latest updates. Remember, the television vulture is watching your shows. Are you? What's This TV Show About? A 1980s coming-of-age comedy streaming on the Amazon Prime Video paid subscription platform, Red Oaks stars Craig Roberts, Paul Reiser, Richard Kind, Jennifer Grey, Alexandra Socha, Oliver Cooper, Ennis Esmer, Gina Gershon, and Alexandra Turshen. The story centers on David Myers (Roberts) and his family and friends at the Red Oaks Country Club. In the third and final season, during the summer of ’87, David is pursuing a directing
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‘Red Oaks’ Trailer: Season 3 Takes a Wild Ride With Sexual Exploration and Spray-Painted Nipples

‘Red Oaks’ Trailer: Season 3 Takes a Wild Ride With Sexual Exploration and Spray-Painted Nipples
Get ready for one nostalgic last visit to the country club of yesteryear. Amazon’s Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi ‘80s-set comedy “Red Oaks” will return for one final hurrah before David (Craig Roberts) finally (maybe) grows up and comes of age.

When last we left our friends, David had made the big leap to go to New York City, while buddy Wheeler (Oliver Cooper) headed to the Ivy League. David’s two father figures came to a crossroads also, with bio dad Sam (Richard Kind) accepting his bad heart and heart-wrenching divorce, and his (step-)father figure Getty (Paul Reiser) heading to the slammer for insider trading. Even Nash (Ennis Esmer) was literally looking off into the sunset from his yacht party.

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Fortunately, Amazon gave “Red Oaks” one more season to wrap things up,
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Steven Soderbergh and David Gordon Green on the ‘Funny’ Resurgence of ’80s Nostalgia and ‘Red Oaks’ Final Season

Steven Soderbergh and David Gordon Green on the ‘Funny’ Resurgence of ’80s Nostalgia and ‘Red Oaks’ Final Season
It all started on the set of a show set in 1901, and it’s all ending at a time when the 1980s have never been more popular.

“I recall us standing on the set early in Season 1 of ‘The Knick,’ and one of these stories somehow came up again,” Steven Soderbergh said, referencing how his first assistant director, Gregory Jacobs, would share memories about growing up as a tennis pro in New Jersey. “I said, ‘Dude, this is a series. You’ve got to memorialize these stories. This just sounds like a really interesting world to explore during the period you experienced it.'”

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And they were off. Jacobs talked to Joe Gangemi, and the two co-created “Red Oaks,” a show loosely based on their lives. Focusing on a tennis pro named David (played by Craig Roberts
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Craig Roberts talks season 2 of Red Oaks as we test his 80s movie knowledge

  • HeyUGuys
Season two of Amazon Prime Video’s fantastic show Red Oaks hits the streaming service tomorrow November 11th and we got to chat with one of the stars of the show Craig Roberts. Roberts appears in season 2 alongside Alexandra Socha, Ennis Esmer, Oliver Cooper, Jennifer Grey, Richard Kind, Paul Reiser and Alexandra Turshen in the show set in […]

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Craig Roberts interview: Red Oaks season 2, directing, British film

Louisa Mellor Nov 11, 2016

As Red Oaks season 2 arrives on Amazon Prime Video, we chatted to lead Craig Roberts about his character, directing and more…

What Netflix’s Stranger Things is to 80s sci-fi horror, Amazon’s Red Oaks is to 80s coming-of-age romantic comedy. Without slipping into parody, both are a continuation of a familiar style of storytelling featuring characters and themes we know and love. If Stranger Things takes its cues from Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter, Red Oaks has made itself the inheritor of John Hughes, Rob Reiner and Amy Heckerling. (In a neat connection, Heckerling has directed multiple episodes of Red Oaks, which also stars Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey, stitching it firmly into that continuity.)

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Burying the Ex (2014) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott, MoreHorror.com

Burying the Ex (2014)

Written by: Alan Trezza

Directed by: Joe Dante

Cast: Anton Yelchin (Max), Alexandra Daddario (Olivia), Ashley Greene (Evelyn), Oliver Cooper (Travis)

Breaking up is tough all the way around. Yeah right, usually of all the misery is one sided. The one who lowers the hammer of heartbreak and the other who is left to pick up the pieces. That’s usually the way it goes down, but not always. On occasion there are really, really nice guys who suffer through a bad relationship (sometimes an entire lifetime) because there just doesn’t seem to be a way out without sorrow, a feeling of betrayal, or an amped up display of crazy. Typically it’s a combo of all three.

Enter Max. He’s a really nice guy who loves horror movies and even works at an eclectic little horror themed brick
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Ashley Greene: "Burying The Ex"

  • SneakPeek
From Synthia.Ca, take a look @ director Joe Dante's horror comedy feature, "Burying The Ex', starring Ashley Greene, now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment:

"...a guy's regrets over moving in with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies...

"...and comes back as a zombie..."

Cast also includes Anton Yelchin, Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Burying The Ex"...
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Inside 'Red Oaks': Figuring Out the Future on the Set of Amazon's '80s Coming-of-Age Dramedy

Inside 'Red Oaks': Figuring Out the Future on the Set of Amazon's '80s Coming-of-Age Dramedy
It's late in the afternoon on a Thursday in July, 2015. The rain that's delayed shooting outside has finally let up and as the sun peeks out through the clouds, a corner of Edgewood Country Club is subtly transformed into a 1985 Labor Day luau and filming on the first season finale of Amazon's original series Red Oaks can finally resume. Extras mingle in the background, which is standing in for the fictional Red Oaks country club, where much of the action on the ensemble, coming-of-age dramedy occurs. In the foreground, Oliver Cooper's parking valet Wheeler runs around

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Review: Amazon goes retro with '80s-set country club comedy 'Red Oaks'

  • Hitfix
Review: Amazon goes retro with '80s-set country club comedy 'Red Oaks'
If any man alive has the right to argue for TV's recent ascension over movies, it would be David Chase. But "The Sopranos" creator has never seen it that way, telling me a few years ago that the only obvious advantage he thinks TV has is that "there’s more of it, and you can get into more detail. I guess maybe this is what it comes down to: in a television show, you can spend a lot of money on very little small things about people.” That ability to expand stories and drill down on characters has always been TV's greatest strength, but it's been particularly obvious with the migration of indie filmmakers to TV over the last few years. Shows like "Transparent," "Girls," "Togetherness," and Hulu's new "Casual" could have easily been made into 90-minute movies that played the festival circuit; instead, we get longer versions that really
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Inside 'Red Oaks': An Eighties TV Show That's Not Ironic

Inside 'Red Oaks': An Eighties TV Show That's Not Ironic
"The Eighties were good to me," says Jennifer Grey, and considering she's best known for having the time of her life with Patrick Swayze in 1987's Dirty Dancing, that would make sense. "You know those people who rock that hairdo from the moment they got laid the most in their life? The Eighties are a bit like that for me."

Grey, who also appeared in Red Dawn and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, isn't quite ready to leave the age of Rubik's cubes and Max Headroom behind — she currently appears as
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David Gordon Green and Steven Soderbergh’s Amazon series Red Oaks gets a trailer

For those suffering from 80s nostalgia, get ready to be transported back in time with the first trailer for Amazon’s upcoming series Red Oaks. Watch it below…

After the pilot, which was directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), premiered to positive reviews from critics and audiences, Amazon decided to pick up Red Oaks to series. The first season of the show will be available for Amazon Prime members in the Us and UK on October 9, 2015 and is set to include a total of 10 episodes.

As well as helming the show’s first episode, Green is also credited as an executive producer, along with Steven Soderbergh, Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi.

A young tennis player works at the prestigious and exclusive Red Oaks Country Club during the summer between his sophomore and junior years of college in the 1980s.

The cast of the show includes Craig Roberts (Neighbors), Jennifer Grey
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Watch The Full Trailer For Steven Soderbergh-Produced Amazon Comedy 'Red Oaks' Starring Craig Roberts

On the one hand, Amazon’s move into original TV programming has resulted in the wonderful “Transparent,” our favorite show of the last year. On the other, it’s also resulted in the decidedly mixed “Mozart In The Jungle,” the generic “Bosch” and, most recently, the dreadful “Hand Of God.” But we hope, given the talent involved, that “Red Oaks” will be closer to Jill Soloway’s show than the rest. Read More: Watch: Steven Soderbergh's Shorter Recut Of Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' Created by “Magic Mike Xxl” director Gregory Jacobs, produced by Jacobs’ long-time friend and collaborator Steven Soderbergh, and with a pilot directed by David Gordon Green, the show stars “Submarine”’s Craig Roberts as a smart alec teen in the 1980s who returns to work at a country club before his junior year of college. The show also features Jennifer Grey, Ennis Esmer,
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Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Red Oaks’ Promises Nudity, Tennis in First Trailer (Video)

  • The Wrap
Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Red Oaks’ Promises Nudity, Tennis in First Trailer (Video)
Amazon released the first trailer for its new series “Red Oaks” on Monday. The series follows David Meyers (Craig Roberts), an Nyu student who gets a summer job as an assistant tennis pro at a country club. Finding himself at a crossroads in life, David receives unsolicited life advice from coworkers and club members, including an alluring art student named Skye (Alexandra Socha), her corporate raider father (Paul Reiser, “Mad About You”), and tennis-pro Nash (Ennis Esmer). The series also stars Richard Kind, Jennifer Gray and Oliver Cooper. Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi created the series, with David Gordon Green
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Burying the Ex Movie Review

Burying the Ex Movie Review
Title: Burying the Ex Rlje/Image Entertainment Director: Joe Dante Writer: Alan Trezza Cast: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, Oliver Cooper Running time: 89 min, Rated R (Language, Violence, Gore, mild sexuality) In Theaters, On VOD & iTunes: June 19, 2015 Nice guy Max (Anton Yelchin) has a beautiful, yet clingy girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene). They seem to love each other and she goes along with his quirky interests, which brings him to take the next step in asking her to move in with him. She immediately turns into the girlfriend from hell by controlling his every move and threatening other women that harmlessly flirt with Max. She redecorates the  [ Read More ]

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Burying The Ex Review

I’m a Joe Dante fan. That is something I cannot hide. His early work made him a horror icon, and Gremlins stands as one of my favorite movies of all time. These are facts, and if I ever get to meet Joe Dante, I’d like nothing more than to buy him a drink and hear him reminisce about the good old days. You know, the exciting, creative times that yielded scene after scene of infectious horror fun.

Basically, any time before Burying The Ex happened.

It’s not that Dante created a soulless romcom disguised as a cheeky horror comedy. It’s more that any voiceless filmmaker could have made Burying The Ex. No scene glistens with Dante’s typically demented polish, and everyone involved seems to be phoning it in. There’s not a single genuine moment of chemistry to be found between the three members of this undead love triangle,
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Burying the Ex | Review

Ex to Grind: Dante’s ZomCom Never Finds Its Pulse

Zombies are difficult subject matters for the screen. A staple of a popular subgenre, original narrative inspiration is rare in a field of low yield thrills from contemporary films unable to match the iconic masters, like early George Romero. Of course, every now and then, something innovative and exciting comes along, such as Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002), and it’s surprisingly energetic sequel. But increasingly, like all glorious horror tropes, comedy has taken the place of tension. Sometimes, in the right hands, this can also be inviting. So it’s disappointing to see a director like Joe Dante, the man who balanced these elements deftly in classics likes Piranha (1981), Gremlins (1984), and The ‘Burbs (1989) turn up with his latest, Burying the Ex. With its overtly fresh faced young cast and first time script from Alan Trezza (adapted from his own
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‘Burying the Ex’ Review

Stars: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, Oliver Cooper, Ozioma Akagha, Mark Alan, Erica Bowie, Gabrielle Christian, Archie Hahn, Tomoko Karina, Stephanie Koenig, Wyndoline Landry, Julia Marchese, Dick Miller | Written by Alan Trezza | Directed by Joe Dante

Burying the Ex is a romantic comedy with zombies, or rom-zom-com as I believe we’re supposed to refer to them. It stars Anton Yelchin as Max, a young man who works in horror supplies shop and happens to be in relationship with Ashley Greene’s Evelyn who whilst beautiful, is jealous, neurotic and annoying. Max decides to dump her but before he can do so, she is killed in a traffic accident. Shortly afterwards, Max starts seeing Olivia (Alexandra Daddario) but is unable to begin a new relationship properly as, due to a curse of unspecified nature, the reanimated corpse of Evelyn has risen from the grave and is very keen to
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Burying the Ex Review

Director: Joe Dante

Cast: Anthon Yelchin, Ashley Grrene, Alexandra Daddario, Oliver Cooper

Certificate: 15

Running Time: 89 minutes

Synopsis: Max (Yelchin) and Evelyn (Greene) have the perfect relationship until they move in together. Once cohabiting, Max realises that Evelyn is far more high maintenance than he thought. Before he can break up wit her though, she is tragically killed. Weeks later, as Max is starting to move on with new flame Olivia (Daddario), Evelyn is resurrected and wants her man back for good.

Joe Dante has had an impressive career. The man behind the camera on classics such as Innerspace and Gremlins, Dante has been quiet for the last few years. His last film venture was the fantastic children’s horror The Hole which was scary enough to give grown-ups nightmares. Now comes Burying the Ex a black romantic comedy featuring that ever popular monster, the zombie.

Joe Dante has always had great flair for comedy,
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Burying the Ex (2015) Review

Max (Star Treks Anton Yelchin) is a cute young horror nerd with a dream job in a costume shophorror geek paradise. But his ultimate goal is to one day own his own horrorthemed costumepropmemorabilia store much to the dismay of his girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene). Shes an overbearing fanatically ecoconscious needy woman and Max is on the verge of ending the relationship. Also in his life is his halfbrother Travis (Oliver Cooper) a slobbish slacker and inexplicable ladies man. One sunny southern California day a package arrives at Maxs work and inside is a neverexplained GenieDevil bobblehead which supposedly grants wishes.
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