‘Rwby’ Volume 5: Gorgeous First Trailer Gives Fans Plenty of Reasons to Get Excited

Gear up, Rwby fans! The first trailer for the upcoming release of Volume 5 is now here, courtesy of Rooster Teeth. If you're not caught up on the adventures of Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle), Blake Belladona (Arryn Zech), and Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman), then now's the time to do so. The Volume 5 premiere drops on the company's First subscription platform this Saturday, October 14th, and will arrive on their YouTube channel a week after that. The creative team of Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Gray G. Haddock, who also cross over …
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SXSW: Nerdist Releases Schedule to Highlight Baby Driver, American Gods and Free Fire

‘Tis the season for film screenings, amazing music, and nonstop eating. That’s right, it’s time for SXSW, and Nerdist is back in Austin taking over Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden (79 Rainey St.) for Nerdist’s Backyard Bash presented by Alpha. Taking place from Friday, March 10 –Sunday March 12, fans who attend will be treated to party games, celebrity interviews, live performances, and all the beer and BBQ they can handle.

Highlighting this year’s event will be cast appearances from Baby Driver, American Gods, Win It All, and Free Fire. The time of these appearances and the list of talent attending (along with the rest of the entire weekend schedule) is below.

As an added bonus, Alpha members who attend will get a free beer and entrée any day they attend.

For more information, go to backyardbash

Friday, March 10:

12pm - 1pm: Rooster Teeth (Gus Sorola, Miles Luna,
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Rooster Teeth’s ‘Red Vs. Blue’ Season 13 Marathon Heads To Select Movie Theaters

Rooster Teeth is bringing Red vs. Blue to the big screen. The Austin-based production company has teamed up with theater chain Alamo Drafthouse to marathon all episodes of Red vs. Blue: Season 13, complete with the unreleased season finale, on September 7, 2015.

Rooster Teeth will screen the Red vs. Blue marathon at select Alamo Drafthouse locations in Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Yonkers, New York. Fans of legal age attending the Red vs. Blue screening at any of these four Drafthouses will be able to sample the theater’s renowned menu and beer offerings during the marathon. The Red vs. Blue screening starts at 6 Pm Cst and ends with a showing of the 18th and final episode of season 13, the last season of the show's Chorus trilogy story arc.

Additionally, for Rooster Teeth fans local to Austin, the production company’s Red vs. Blue cast and crew will attend
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Rooster Teeth’s ‘Red Vs. Blue’ Has A New Book, Show Format

Rooster Teeth has some exciting new updates based on its popular Red vs. Blue web series. At Rtx 2015 on August 8, the cast and crew of Red Vs. Blue (RvB) talked about the show’s upcoming fan guide and what season 14 of the web series will look like.

Written by RvB writer Eddy Rivas and Rooster Teeth Cco Burnie Burns, Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide will cover the entire scope of RvB’s history and more. The book will include an official story timeline, explanations of all the maps used to create the web series, character biographies, behind-the-scenes commentaries, and famous quotes from the series. The RvB fan guide will even give “instructions” from characters on how to make well-loved RvB memorabilia (like Sarge’s instructions for building robots).

The RvB team also revealed information about the show’s upcoming fourteenth season, which won’t follow the overarching storyline
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Rooster Teeth Talks ‘Rwby’ Volume 3, New Sets, And New Characters

Rooster Teeth’s annual Rtx convention kicked off on August 7, 2015, with a panel dedicated to the production company’s anime series Rwby. In a packed ballroom, animation leads Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Gray Haddock, along with the four lead voice actresses, discussed their plans for the future of Rwby.

The Rwby panel started with a moment of silence for the show’s creator Monty Oum, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2015. The show’s cast and crew noted how the unfortunate situation has put them behind about five months on production, but that they’re still pressing forward with Rwby Volume 3 and all things Rwby-related.

For example, the Rwby cast and crew played a trailer for the Japanese-dubbed version of Rwby Volume 1. That version of the Rooster Teeth show, announced in August 2014, will be the first-ever American anime exported to Japan. The dubbed version of Rwby revealed its
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Rooster Teeth Asks Fans To Sleuth Out A Killer In ‘Ten Little Roosters’

Rooster Teeth never ceases to appreciate and delight its fans. With that in mind, the Austin-based production shop responsible for some of the most popular web series in online video history (like Red Vs. Blue and Rwby) just released their new murder mystery series, Ten Little Roosters, on November 4, 2014. It's a whodunit tale that immediately gets the viewers involved. The first episode takes place at the First Rooster Teeth Banquet, a formal event hosted by Rooster Teeth co-founder Burnie Burns in appreciation of nine of his staff members. The night quickly turns sour when Achievement Hunter's Michael Jones accuses everyone in the room of their awkward and gruesome past crimes and threatens to turn them into the authorities. However, Jones soon falls over dead by way of a poisoned his drink, and from there on it’s all Clue-the-movie-style mystery and mayhem as the rest of the staff tries to
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Comic-Con: Arryn Zech and Kara Eberle Talk Rwby, Their Characters, Food Fights and What We Can Expect in Season 2

If you didn’t know about them all ready, you’ve probably heard about Rooster Teeth recently when they were able to raise $2.4 million on Indiegogo for their first feature length movie Lazer Team. Rooster Teeth has been around for more then a decade, producing the popular Halo based comedic web-series Red Vs. Blue (now in its 12th season), as well as comedic shorts, podcasts, video game and news related content, as well as hold a yearly internet and gaming convention, Rtx, in early July in Austin, Texas. Since Rooster Teeth launched Rwby in July of 2013, the beautifully CG animated anime-styled web-series has been wildly popular; inspiring cosplays, fanart, and fanfiction. Created by Monty Oum, who co-writes the show with Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross, the story centers on a team of four girls; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, who are training to be Huntresses and protect their world. The
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Comic-Con 2013: Exclusive Interview with Rooster Teeth’s Chris Demarais and Miles Luna

In our last San Diego Comic-Con International interview, Latino-Review caught up with producers/directors Chris Demarais and Miles Luna on the floor of the convention.

They were there to promote the DVD release of “Rt Shorts.” In addition, we also discussed other projects from Rooster Teeth, including “A Simple Walk Into Mordor,” and “Rwby.”

To watch some of their shorts and series, visit

Check out the full interview below.

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