Eiff 2012: Sexual Chronicles of a French Family Review

Caught masturbating during biology class, Romain (Mathias Melloul)’s suspension from school inadvertently sparks a new age of sexual openness in his family life. When mother Claire (Valérie Maës) resolves to take a greater interest in the sex lives of her children: adopted daughter Marie (Leïla Denio), eldest son Pierre (Nathan Duval) and reluctant virgin Romain, along with her husband Hervé’s (Stephan Hersoen) widower father (Yan Brian), she hopes to bring her family closer together and knock down the boundaries that have formed between them over recent years.

Opening their film with a viral video depicting teenage onanism, directors Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr are quick to overcome any initial shock value in the hope of desensitising their audience to the apparent taboo of sexuality in cinema. From this point on, nothing is off-limits or under-represented as Sexual Chronicles of a French Family touches on first times, ménages-a-trois, prostitution
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Eiff 2012: Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family

Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr’s Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family does exactly what it says on the tin. And, with it very obvious what you’re going to spend the next eighty-two minutes enduring, this is the only film I’ve seen that had no walkouts.

With brother Pierre (Nathan Duval) taking part in multiple threesomes and sister Marie (Leila Denio) remarkably assured in her conquests, Romain (Mathias Melloul) feels left out and unfulfilled. After he is suspended from school for masturbating in a biology class, his parents realise that it may be time they discuss their three childrens’ sex lives in more detail.

A surprisingly comic and dry narrator, Romain is a charming presence throughout who provides a lot of laugh out loud moments and very welcome realistic touches. His affections for classmate Coralie (Adeline Rebeillard) are tender and sweet and it is interesting to see how
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Sexual Chronicles of a French Family Movie Review

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Sexual Chronicles of a French Family Movie Review
Title: Sexual Chronicles of a French Family Directors: Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr Cast: Mathias Melloul, Valérie Maës and Stephan Hersoen With a title like “Sexual Chronicles of a French Family,” it is one that is supposed to inspire a few things inside of you, namely titillation, desire and curiosity. It is indeed a very thought-provoking title and subject matter but does it go any further than that. Does it inform us of our basic animal needs to explore and reproduce? More importantly, does it inform us of our human aspects of love and loyalty? With faint praise, the answer is sort of. The story chronicles a family on the [ Read More ]
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Why 'Sexual Chronicles of a French Family' Is Hot and Mundane All at Once

"Everybody's fucking except for me and it's driving me crazy," moans pale-faced teen Romain (Mathias Melloul), the youngest member of a perpetually horny household in "Sexual Chronicles of a French Family," and the movie makes it clear he has a point. From its frank title to its persistent barrage of nude encounters, Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr's graphic portrait focuses on people defined in terms of their sexuality and little else. There's an alluring poetic quality to this arrangement, an obvious attempt to draw out the emotional tenor of physical connections by foregrounding each character's bedroom antics. The curious thing about "Sexual Chronicles of a French Family," what makes it both narratively distinctive and something of a letdown, is that those antics have little to say beyond the first couple of energized thrusts. The semblance of a plot beyond the sex points to the filmmakers' minimal intentions. When...
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