'Natural Born Pranksters' Trailer Delivers Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks

'Natural Born Pranksters' Trailer Delivers Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks
The ultimate April Fools' Day takeover has arrived! Natural Born Pranksters promises that the pranks just got a whole lot bigger. And they measured! This all-new movie is coming to theaters on April 1st, and will be accompanied by a Digital HD, VOD and DVD release on that same prankish day! The movie stars all of your favorite Youtube Pranksters, including Roman Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Dennis Roady. This could just be the funnest time you'll have at the movies all year.

The world's three most notorious, ballsy, and outrageous YouTube pranksters come together for the first time to unleash the most epic pranks in an outrageous feature-film event. Jam-packed with cameos from some of YouTube's biggest stars, watch as Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy take fearlessness and unbelievable social experiments to the next level. This is one movie you just have to see to believe, and there
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Watch YouTube Stars Pull Gags on Unsuspecting Victims in ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ Trailer (Video)

Watch YouTube Stars Pull Gags on Unsuspecting Victims in ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ Trailer (Video)
YouTube stars get their shot at movie fame in Lionsgate’s “Natural Born Pranksters,” which follows the antics of Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The film purports to include all new pranks and stunts, which should be welcome news to fans of the trio, who have amassed more than 28 million subscribers and over three billion views. “Natural Born Pranksters” will also feature cameos from other online stars including Jenna Marbles, Furious Pete, Jukka Hilden, Kc James, Kevin Brueck, Tom Mabe and Peter Vass. Also Read: James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with Adele Sets YouTube Record Studio71 financed and produced the film,
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Lionsgate Acquires ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ Movie Starring YouTube Gag Artists

Lionsgate Acquires ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ Movie Starring YouTube Gag Artists
Lionsgate has bought distribution rights for “Natural Born Pranksters,” a movie starring top YouTube prank artists VitalyzdTV, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady, in another bet by the studio on the power of digital celebs.

The film will be released day-and-date in theaters, on electronic sell-through and via VOD in early 2016. Collective Digital Studio financed and produced the film, which features the trio — who together have more than 25 million YouTube subscribers — perpetrating their most epic pranks and bad-ass stunts.

Natural Born Pranksters” joins Lionsgate’s growing roster of projects with YouTube stars. Those include comedy “Dirty Thirty” starring YouTube phenoms Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart, a film featuring YouTube prank superstars The Janoskians, and Freddie Wong’s original RocketJump series for Hulu.

The YouTube channels of Vitaly “VitalyzdTV” Zdorovetskiy, Atwood and Roady are part of Cds’s multichannel network. Cds claims VitalyzdTV is the No. 1 prank channel on the site with 8.7 million subscribers,
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ComicMix Quick Picks: September 14, 2014

  • Comicmix
A Weekend Window Closing Wrap-Up, closing windows on our browsers so you can open them up on yours. Away we go…!

DC Announces Darwyn Cooke variant cover month for December! Because– well, do we really need a reason?

Mike Dawson gives advice to the mid-career cartoonist who has failed to build an audience.

Kevin Brueck: Comic Con villain. Keep an eye out for this bozo at conventions.

Can we stop using speech bubbles for messaging? Probably not. It’s nice to know comics are that universal in people’s minds.

The Whole “Veronica Mars” Gang Is Coming Back For A New Web Series.

Paging Tony Stark: Robotic suit gives shipyard workers super strength and 3-year-old with no fingers receives the hand of a superhero.

Times Square’s costumed superheroes team up against NYPD crackdown. My heavens, J. Jonah Jameson was right! Those costumed so called heroes are menaces!

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Prank Channels Spoof YouTube With Fake Trailer For ‘Scarface 2′

If you like videos poking fun of YouTube culture and the lifestyles of its creators, look no further than the collab spoof trailer Scarface 2. The combined talents of prank channels Bad Weather Films, VitalyzdTV, Roman Atwood, and Kevin Brueck all participated in the creation of the trailer, which jabs relentlessly at the very thing they all became famous from -- the beast known as YouTube. In the trailer, which resembles the nature and attitude of the original Scarface films, Nikolai (Vitaly) arrives in America with one mission: to become the world’s most powerful YouTuber. Pairing with mentors (played by Atwood and Brueck) who have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes, Nikolai manages to gradually gain a following, but little does he know the fame and fortune that’s to follow will turn everyone against him. The 3-minute clip is all the collaborators needed to squeeze in a few
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Sr Geek Picks: Hipster X-Men & Batman, Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor Reactions & More

Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find a Robocop drinking game; Cinefix reacting to the new Lex Luthor casting; Egg Russian Roulette with David Beckham; hipster versions of the Batman and X-Men families; and Craigslist missed connections with Jimmy Kimmel & Alison Brie. All that and more on this edition of Sr’s Geek Picks!

If you have any Geek Picks of your own, please send them to srgeekpicks(at)gmail(dot)com and you could be featured in a future post!


Robocop Drinking Game with Kevin Brueck – Movie Buzz

Kevin Brueck joins CineFix to get violently drunk to a violent movie: the classic Robocop.


Cinefix Reacts To Lex Luthor Casting

The news that ...

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The post Sr Geek Picks: Hipster X-Men & Batman,
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Mattress Comes to Life in Hilarious Scare Prank

  • FEARnet
Scary Halloween pranks on random strangers are all the rage on the internet right now, and the folks over on Break have just gotten in on the spooky fun.

There's nothing scary about a dirty old mattress, right?  Well, you might want to rethink your answer to that question.  They leaned a mattress against a wall and put resident prankster Kevin Brueck inside of it, tasked with jumping out and startling unsuspecting passersby.  The results?  Equal parts scares, laughs, anger and bewilderment!

Check out the prank below, which will forever change the way you look at abandoned mattresses!


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‘The Annoying Orange’ Expands YouTube Channel With Two Animated Series

Now that it's done riffing on Breaking Bad, the Annoying Orange YouTube channel is making a big-time expansion into original content. Two new animated programs will join Dane Boedingheimer's flagship fruit-fest on the popular YouTube hub, with a number of notable YouTube personalities grabbing the starring roles in stick figure series The Misfortune Of Being Ned, a new creation from the Annoying Orange team. The Misfortune of Being Ned brings The Annoying Orange's young fans to the world of Ned, an exuberant young boy who is prone to deaths befitting Kenny from South Park. SourceFed's Steve Zaragoza will provide the voice of Ned, with his former coworker Kevin Brueck, recent Stylehaul signee Strawburry17 (Aka Meghan Camarena), and regular Annoying Orange voice Bob Jennings included in the cast as well. In January, The Annoying Orange will debut a second series aligned with the interests of its fans. It will serve
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Break Continues To Lead YouTube Prank Show Trend With Two New Series

Has any channel benefited more from the increased popularity of YouTube prank shows than Break? In the past year, channels like Prank Vs. Prank, Magic of Rahat, and Roman Atwood have scored millions of views, and brands like Dove and Pepsi Max have achieved viral hits in which they 'prank' viewers. While this movement has grown, Break has been able to use its status as a purveyor of the Internet's choicest gags to expand its own audience. In August, Break debuted two new prank shows, Prank Bank and Hanky Pranky, adding to its library of well-executed gotchas. Prank Bank and Hanky Pranky are quite similar, as they each showcase one prank each week. The main distinction between them is the gender of the hosts; Hanky Pranky is hosted by a busty woman while Prank Bank is helmed by Annoying Orange and SourceFed veteran Kevin Brueck. This gender difference is evident
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We’ve Rounded Up The Best Post-Streamys Video We’ve Seen So Far

It's only been a little over a day since the 3rd Streamy Awards concluded, but plenty of YouTubers have already taken to their vlogging equipment to post Streamys-related video. Here is a taste of what we've seen so far. Of course, the official Streamys channel has been the most active when it comes to video from the big event. We've already shared some of the speeches and performances, but keep in mind there's also a full complement of backstage interviews featuring presenters and winners. Did you know Harley Morenstein is the "Elijah Wood of the Ez-Bake Oven"? Also, Ken Marino might've been a tad drunk. SourceFed are super happy about their win for Series of the Year. They would also like Chris Hardwick to give them a hosting workshop. Also, theirs is a nice rundown of what happened at the Streamys, just in case you don't trust our admittedly biased synopses.
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