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Lee Nicholas Harris

A Road, Somwhere Near Croydon, SURREY CR7 United Kingdom
07930000000 . 02084000000 leenharris49@yahoo.co.uk . http://www.uk.castingcallpro.com/view.php?uid=247053
BECTU, Spotlight

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 10 in
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Age Range: 39 - 50
  • Physique: Heavyset
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Bass


Invincible Borders, Music video, Riot Officer in charge, provided all costumes as well 2014
Featured. British Transport Police Officer, Film “SURVIVOR” Fight Stunt Choreographer. Short Film “AL” At Billingsgate Fish Market

Fireman. Film “THE SECRET SERVICE” Featured. Teacher revealing his Tattoo for the 1st time. Commercial “VODAFONE FIRSTS” (www.firsts.com)

Featured. Police Officer speaking to Lilly Alan in her Music Video Walk-on. Bouncer/Doorman. Commercial for “SMOOTH FM RADIO Featuring: Michael Buble Featured PART. Armed Police officer. Music Video ARTIST: DAPS “SONG: BLACK DIAMONDS”

Featured walk-on. Custody Sargent 492 Harris. Film “THE BROTHER” Featured Builder, Asian commercial for head phones. Featured bank corporate worker film "PEARL OF AFRICA"

Walk-on Desk Sergeant, Ongoing Part. 4 days. TV Drama series pilot. "BABYLON" Acting Part Custody Sergeant, Ongoing Part. 3 days. ITV3 Drama "EVIDENCE" 8 part series. Featured. Bouncer/Door man, Ongoing series pilot TV Drama "THE ROYALS" Starring: Liz Hurley. Featured Armed Police officer, Film pilot."CRUDE" Featured Armed Police officer, Film "THE ROYALS" Starring: Liz Hurley. Walk-on part. participant in a drug rehab meeting "UNCLE" channel4 Comedy/Drama. SEPTEMBER
Punter in cafe scene in Manchester "EASTENDERS" Filmed at Elstree Studio's.

Featured, Arresting Police Officer, Music Video "LYNA GALLIARA"

Acting featured parts as a Riot Officer in 2 short film for the Charity "FREE TIBET" "IF IT DOES'NT HAPPEN HERE WHY DOES IT THERE" Walk-on parts, 1800's policeman, Gang Member Great Train Robbery, Armed Police officer in The attempted Diamond robbery at the 02 Arena in 2000 "SECRETS OF BRITAIN" AUGUST
Walk-on part. Russian Boss, Online Advertising web site film promo for"RESEDENTIALLAND.COM"

Acting part as a Smoker for an Anti Smoking Commercial."TOXIC CYCLE & BRAINLINE" by Generator Films. Acting Part. 2 Days. Tour Manager of the80's rock band, their new album launch Music video for "THE MISSION" Called "THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT" Acting part. Dancing Police Chief Super, Music Video "UKWU" Starring: Timaya Walk-on. CID & Police Officer. Feature Film "HYENA" JULY
Walk-on. Customer watching TV in pub, TV Commercial "BETFAIR" Walk-on. Speaking part, Stall Holder 2013 Christmas Episode of "CITIZAN KHAN" Acting part, Paramedic, Short Comedy film for internet series. "OFFLINE" Acting part as Arresting Police Officer, Short film starring: Dominic Coleman

Featured part, Bus Driver, music Video "WANNA GO" MAXSTA, Featuring LITTLE NIKKI JUNE
Featured. Armed Police officer, TV series "SILENT WITNESS" COUP DE GRACE SE17 EP2 Acting Speaking part. 3 days as a Doctor, Bollywood Feature Film. "LONDON BRIDGE" Walk-on, Policeman, Music Video "PROFESSOR GREEN - ARE YOU GETTIN ENOUGH" Actor, Principle Part main TV Commercial "STOWARDS CIDER" Barbeque man MAY
Walk-on, Bicycle Rider, Commercial "HALFORDS" Fimed at Box Hill, Surrey Actor, Security guard. Short Film for Sundance Festival."LOVE PREVAILS" Acting: Truck Driver, Blue Screen in studio shoot Awareness film for the TFL "TRANSPORT FOR LONDON" Walk-on. Police Community Support Officer, Film "SECOND COMING" Featured Actor 4 days filming as an Leading Armed Officer of the "ECD"(ENERGY CONTROL DIVISION) Also all Choreography and Stunts for the Action Scenes. film Pilot "ENERGY" Walk-on, Armed Police Officer. BBC TV "SILENT WITNESS" APRIL
Featured part American Punter. Film "KING OF SOHO" MARCH
featured Ident for "B&Q" commercial Model Photo shoot for the "SAMARITANS" charity booklet. Walk-on Meat Marker Manager as Smithfield's Market, London. Film: "HUMMINGBIRD" 2nd Session: Acting and improvisation: testing new sound and radio equipment Voice Samples Collection Database for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) "Audio and voice technologies" Featured as a Biker with Keith Lemon in his new film Walk-on part talking part, Police Officer (own Uniform) in the Bollywood film P45 Featured Head of Turner Security 3weeks filming BBC TV Series "NEMESIS" Featured Corrupt Police Officer MTV Music Video Dreyton French 'Just Tryin' Paramedic. Film "RUSH"
Featured part "JOHN SMITHS" Commercial SO19 Armed Policeman. Film "SKYFALL-BOND" Featured part American Punter. Film "KING OF SOHO"

Main Actor Security Guard with Dog "RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION IDENT SIX NATIONS CUP 2012 & 02" Filmed in Twickenham Stadium

Worked on behalf of "THE METROPOLITAN POLICE CCTV OPERATIONS" To be continued..

Supporting Artist. Cannibal in the woods, Short Film "ANNA" filmed in Farnham Forest Starring: Jamie Kinna

Actor: Armed Special officer Policman. Film "ONE THOUSAND RINGS" Tamil production. Director: Nantha Thurai

Speaking walk on part with Actor Eddie Marsan: Plant Worker, 4 part Channel4 Drama "SOUTHCLIFFE"

SA Wall Street Employee, Film, "JACK RYAN" Starring: Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack


Actor: Sergeant Buford, Comedy Film "MR JONES" The Soob Productions LTD

Acting Part as a Drunk Scottish Football Fan, Film: "FLIGHT REDIRECTED" Filmed in Lithuania Starring: Vinny Jones, Scot Williams


Acting as Police Sergeant holding the crowd scene, Feature Film "THE SNARE" Global film Productions

Acting as Police Bobby. film "DIANA" Caught in Flight Productions

Actor with full speaking role continuous part in ZEE TV Series "RAB SE SONA ISHQ" EP45.

Acting talking part as a Tramp. 10min Pilot for future feature film "BLIP" Shine group TV.

Acting talking part Policeman. film "DIANA" Caught in Flight Productions Starring: Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews
The life of Princess Diana as told by her lifelong bodyguard, Ken Wharfe.


Acting talking part as an arresting Police Officer in a short film "OLD DOGS"


Acting and fight stunts as Metropolitan Policeman in TV mini-series "RUN"

Acting talking part, playing role of SERGEANT BRUFORD in film "MR JONES"

TV Cameraman.. 3 part miniseries "The Politician's Husband"

Actor, On going part as a Thug head drug dealer in the new Indian Zee TV Series "Rab Se Sona Ishq" EP,27 & 30

Featured part as a Police Sergeant (own uniform) Film "ABOUT TIME"

Acting part as Peter Grant Led Zeppelins manager in a video pilot


Acting: part as Dave the Builder, Commercial for "BIG WIPES" Industrial wipes Wagon Media Ltd. Director: Carlton Walls

Main acting Part as Frank In "WHERE'S FRANK" one of a Series of short commercials for French TV.

Paramedic..TV Sky 1 comedy series. "TOUCH OF CLOTH"

Acting & stunt fighting part. Short Film "CUPID WEARS A BALACLAVA" Director: Paul maynard. Irresistible Films


Walk-on. Police Chief Superintendant, Film. Comedy "STILL LIFE"

Dad walk-on, BBC TV series HOLBY CITY. Se14 Ep45-46

featured as a Armed Police Officer In the BBC1 Series: “NEW TRICKS” Se9 Ep1

Featured Acting part: Glutton eating food "STRANGEFRUIT SEA OF FOG" Music Promo


Featured Riot Police Officer no18. (Own Uniform) Film "TRAVELLER"

Featured: Security Guard, (Own Uniform) Film "CLOSED"

Acting Speaking part: Uniformed Police Officer (Own Uniform) arresting a suspect outside a club. Starlight Music Academy drugs awareness film


Model Photo shoot for the "SAMARITANS" charity booklet.

Walk-on Meat Marker Manager as Smithfield's Market, London. Film: "HUMMINGBIRD"

Featured as a Biker. film "THE KEITH LEMON FILM"

Acting part as Arresting Police Officer Bollywood film "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"

Featured Head of Turner Security 3weeks filming BBC TV Series "NEMESIS"

Featured Corrupt Police Officer MTV Music Video Drayton French 'Just Tryin'

Featured part Paramedic. Film "RUSH"

Featured part "JOHN SMITHS" Commercial, A punter watching the horse racing at Sandown Park Race Course

SO19 Armed Policeman. Film "SKYFALL-BOND"


Acting: Film Recording Viral for Healthy Weight Loss/Cut-down Drinking for "HEALTH SMART"

Acting: Angry man in a pub one in a series of short comedy sketches a guy called Cutter.

featured Prison Officer. Wormwood Scrubs. London In the BBC1 Series: “NEW TRICKS” SE9 E5

Acting speaking Part: Police riot officer, Film "RIOT"

Acting speaking Part: Police officer Film "ICE CREAM WARS"


Acting speaking Part: Prison Officer (Own Uniform) BBC Watchdog "ROGUE TRADERS"

Featured Walk-on taking part in a magic trick. TV series "THE MAGICIANS"

Video/Model Shoot in Southampton for "MILWAUKEE" Tool company Ongoing work as the new Model for Milwaukee Tools.

Actor: Main speaking part as Harry in a Pilot Teaser for the film: "TALKING TO GOD"


Supporting artist Commuter on the underground new "JAMES BOND" movie SKYFALL Satrring: Daniel Craig. Film at Charring Cross Station London

Featured Patient 3 days BBC TV series "HOLBY CITY" Se14 Ep24/25 filmed at BBC Elstree Studios

Photo/Model Shoot in Southampton for "MILWAUKEE" Tool company Ongoing work as the new Model for Milwaukee Tools.


Walk-on. VIP at Wembley Stadium "LADBROOKS" Commercial Starring: Tiziano

Featured Actor in a publicity stunt for the opening of the new roller coaster ride at "THORPE PARK"

Featured Acting part: Dad in a comedy sketch TV: "MAD BAD AD SHOW" XX is a comedy panel show where team captains Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson try to find out if they've got what it takes to make it in the world of advertising with the help of an industry insider.


Hospital patient In house training video for "Glaxosmithkline" the pharmaceutical company in Cambridge

Attended the London Premier of "THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2" Leicester Square Cinema for press and promotional coverage

Regular Clothes Model for Marks & Spencer As & whenever a new men's clothing range comes out

Photo/Model Shoot for "MILWAUKEE" Tool company

Featured: Uniformed Police Officer 3 days. Film "MONEY FOR NOTHING" XX Starring: Nick Nevern, Ricci Harnett. Director: Paul Tanter


Featured walk-on part: Naked Buddha TV series 2012 "STARLINGS" Baby Cow Productions written by Steve Coogan Starring: Matt King, Steve Edge

Featured: Road sweeper and Staff member in a Christmas Commercial for "MORRISONS" filmed in Kingston Town Square

Stunt Coordinator and featured as a Police Officer doing stunts Music Video for a new band called "WILDLIFE"

Featured: Police Riot Officer Short Film "LONDONS BURNING"

SA: 3 days, Russian Special Forces Soldier, Film "WORLD WAR Z" Starring: Brad Pitt

Featured: Delivery Man Viral for Mobile Phone company "BLACKBERRY"

Fully Featured Car Mechanic Dancing in the BBC Commercial for "STRICLY COME DANCING 2011" featuring a host of celebrities.


Walk-On Armed Police officer ( Own Uniform) TV Series "THE ROYAL BODYGUARD" A former soldier is brought out of retirement and put in charge of Royal security but he turns out to be the worst possible appointment as he is totally out of his depth. Starring: David Jason, David Walliams

Walk-on Eating breakfast in Cafe, TV Series"PHONESHOP" a edgy and often hilarious black comedy.Starring:Tom Bennett, Emma Fryer

Featured Police officer ( Own Uniform) ITV Series "LEWIS" The Age of Foolishness (2012)Starring: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox

Paramedic ( Own Uniform): Feature Film "WELCOLME TO THE PUNCH" When notorious criminal Jacob Sternwood is forced to return to London, it gives detective Max Lewinsky one last chance to take down the man he's always been after. Starring: James McAvoy

Featured: Fisherman Film "DARK SHADOWS" Warner Brothers Pictures Director: Tim Burton, Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer Filmed at Pinewood Studios

Walk-on: Prison Officer (Own Uniform) BBC TV Series "SILENT WITNESS" SE15 EP03 "Natures Brag" Starring: James Cosmo

Acting: 3 days as a RABBI BBC2 Sitcom Series "REV"SE02 EP05 Starring: Tom Hollander

Featured: S019 Armed Police Officer (Own Uniform) ITV Series "LEWES" SE06 "House Of Vipers" Starring: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox

FEATURED STUNTS, FIGHTER: Film: "ST.GEORGES DAY" Director: France Harper. Starring: Vincent Regan, Craig Fairbrass

Supporting Artist: Office Worker/Shopper "WEETABIX" Commercial

Featured: Country Police officer (Own Uniform) MTV Music Video "POPE JOAN" filmed on a farm in Lewes, E Sussex

Walk-on: Builder BBC TV Series "CASUALTY" SERIES EP: 26: 9&10

Featured Market Trader: "COCKTAIL" Bollywood film Starring: Deepika Padukone

Featured Market Trader: "COCKTAIL" Bollywood film Starring: Deepika Padukone

featured SO19 Armed Police Officer Bollywood Film TEZZ, Director: Priyadarshan Starring: Anil Kapoor

Walk-on:Builder, SKY SPORTS "FOLDING CRAZY" Commercial featuring Peter Crouch, Chris Kamera, Dizzee Rascal

Supporting Artist. CHANNEL Ident featuring USAIN BOLT world's fastest runner filmed at Crystal Palace Sports Grounds


Featured: Police Officer (own uniform) Film "COMES A BRIGHT DAY" Smudge Films Starring: Anthony Welsh, Geoff Bell. Director: Simon Alderson

Fully Featured Acting: "EA SPORTS" commercial for "FIFA-2012" Game (More info to come)

Featured: Convict in "TOSHIBA" Commercial for American TV Smith & Jones films Ltd. Filmed at RAF Uxbridge

Walk -on: Market shopper BEST BUYS commercial filmed in LION ST, Market , London

Featured part: Croupier TV Series "MISFITS" the shows “farewell episode of ROBERT SHEEHANS character Nathan in Misfits, the hit super powered comedy drama from E4

Day-1 Armed Tactical Support Officer (own uniform) Day-2 Tactical Support Officer Zombie (own uniform) Film "COCKNEYS v ZOMBIES" Starring: Alan Ford, Honor Blackman, Michelle Ryan. Director: Matthias Hoene

Walk-on: Training video for "THE NEST PENSIONS CORPERATION" PUKER FILMS Director: Paul Katis filmed in Shepards Bush, London

MARCH 2011
Acting as a Teacher in a NSPCC film

Commercial for John Mills Ltd on the Shopping Channel TV, Filmed at the Earls Court "Ideal Home Exhibition"

Walk-on as a CID officer assisting
Amanda Redman with an arrest of a antique dealer with stolen goods In the BBC1 Series: “NEW TRICKS” SE8. E5

Walk-On as a Police Officer (own uniform) Saloon Films "The World Turns" filmed in Greenwich

Acting as a student in a Corporate Training video filmed at "CALTON TRAINING CENTER" London

Acting as a Bavarian Beer dancer in a commercial "RACING POST" Quick Bet.
filmed at Three Mills Studios Director: Tom King FEBUARY

Walk-On as a Police Officer (own uniform) French TV Series “INTERPOL” SE2 EP7-8 Director: Eric Summer

Doubled for George Michael in the Comic Relief Sketch by Smithy (James Corden)

Walk- on: New Walkers Crisps Commercial featuring the new crisps line for Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner in aide of Comic Relief 2011

Featured Artist: Office worker in the BBC dark psychological crime drama “LUTHER” Starring: Idris Elba

Acting and helping in the Stunts with EUNICE HUTHART and the making of a pilot for the BBC Called: Richard Hammonds “TOP STUNTS” 1 week of filming in Pinewood Studios


Featured as a Rugby fan in a Commercial for the BBC Sports “SIX NATIONS RUGBY CUP” Filmed at Richmond Park RFC


Featured Supporting Artist as a French football supporter in the stands in a “NIKE” commercial in Millwall Football Stadium.

Featured as a Builder for a KIT KAT commercial for TV.


STAND-IN for Ian Mercer for 6 weeks on “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4” Walt Disney production. Pinewood Studios. Starring Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Stephen Graham Director: Rob Marshall


Featured as a Jailer in Walt Disney’s “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4” Walt Disney production. Greenwich College Starring Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush. Director: Rob Marshall

Supporting Artist Burger King Commercial.

Supporting Artist: Jialer in "Pirats Of The Carribien 4" AUGUST 2010

Starring role as Dick in the full lenth Thriller/horror film (Cant name yet) JULY 2010

“CADBRURYS” Commercial Participant in a crazy sports day, an online commercial for the 2012 Olympics

JUNE 2010
SA in Tuxedo at the BAFTA Awards in new Sit Com “EPISODES” Written & Directed by: David Crane, and. Marta Kauffman

MAY 2010
Supporting Artist as an Oil Rig Worker in the film “WILL” By StrangeLove Films Ltd. Starring: Bob Hoskins

SA as Tourist outside Royal Exchange. Bollywood Film: PATIALA HOUSE. Director: Nikhil Advani, Starring: Akshay Kumar

Speaking part as an arresting Undercover Officer. Egyptian TV Soap: REESH NAAM Director: HeidiUniversal S.Co, Cairo, Egypt

Walk-On part as a uniformed Police Officer assisting James Bolam & Amanda Redman with an arrest at Heathrow Airport In the BBC1 Series: “NEW TRICKS”

Featured role as a plain clothes Police Officer driving unmarked police car at high speed and assisting with an arrest. Reconstruction Film for the THE SUN Newspaper Police Bravery Awards 2010.

Featured speaking role as a Police Officer, Holding back a picket line. Management Training Video “STRIKE” Produced By PUKKA FILMS. Director: Paul Katis

Supporting Artist as a spectator in the new Channel4 Sit-Com “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” Starring: David Cross & Sharon Horgan

Supporting Artist Shopper in Camden Market Bollywood Film “0800 LOVE” Director: Abbas Tyrewala

APRIL 2010
Featured 2 days as Uniformed Police Officer in the film “ATTACK THE BLOCK” Director: Joe Cornish Starring: Nick Frost

Features Extra in pub scene at the Hammersmith Apollo: “Subculture” short film for Edinborough Festival. Berserk Films/Stray Dogs Films

MARCH 2010
Features Extra in pub scene at the Hammersmith Apollo “Subculture” short film for Edinborough Festival. Berserk Films / Stray Dogs Films

Featured part in Tattoo shop SKY1 Sleepyheads films. Director: Stephen Hopkins. Starring: Natascha McElhone


Publicity photo shoot for the new SKY HD 3D TV

Underground Commuter @ Canary wharf & Diner in a London restaurant for TV commercial. Internet search engine BING.COM


Featured part as a Cowboy in the bar scene of the film: BURKE & HARE Director: John Landis Staring: Simon Pegg, Isla Fisher, Tom Wilkinson


Featured in an independent film “Chatroom” The role of ROB


Featured parts dancing and singing in the Radio1 CHRIS MOYLES 2009 Christmas Charity music video(NEVER GONNA SNOW)Sony music entertainment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIaBluconRo&NR=1

Photo Shoot for OLCI CONSTRUCTION TRAINING LTD, Images for new advertising brochure

Featured part as a Uniformed Police Officer (Own uniform)Outside club in the Thriller Film: Directors: Noel Clarke, Mark Davis. Starring: Emma Roberts.


Commercial Photo shoot. Featured for DANONE advertising campaign.

Supporting Artist for 2 days as Prison Inmate, short film pilot COLOUR OF BIEGE MOTION LIGHT PICTURES Director: Amy Powel, Starring: Michelle Dockery and Ed Hogg

Featured part as Head Security-Doorman in the Mayfair Club, London. In the forthcoming Comedy Film: SOLITO Holymoshen Production. Director: Amit Gicelter

Supporting Artist as a restaurant diner in the forthcoming film: Swinging With the Finkels, Directed by Jonathan Newman Starring: Melissa George and Martin Freeman.

Supporting Artist as restaurant diner in the film: NO ORDINARY TRIFLE Eyeline Entertainment and Trifle Productions Director: James Hacking, Casting Director: Fiona Napier-Bell. Starring: Dougray Scott

Work for 2 days, featured parts as Bodyguard & man kissing in park in the forthcoming Tollywood Tamil film: KADHALY ENNAI KADHALY. Director: Shan

Featured role as gang member in the forthcoming film SHANK Revolver Entertainment and Gunslinger production. Starring: ROBBIE GEE, ALAN FOGERTY. www.shankthefilm.com


Featured-talking part as a fight trainer in the forthcoming fictional full-length feature movie KILLER BITCH, With Real fights. Real criminals. Real sex. John Fleming Gangster Video Production in association with Shivadance Productions www.killerbitch.co.uk

Supporting Artist for BBC, MTV and E4 Music video, role as a restaurant diner. Main Artist: Singer SHEENA - Nasty Little Rumour Production Company: Hi-gloss

Extra for 3 days as a Black Jack Croupier in the Casino scene, 4 days in the Ballroom scene the forthcoming Bollywood movie HOUSEFULL, Director: Sajid Khan, Producer: Chandra Siddartha. Starring: Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta and Deepika Padukone.

JULY 2009

Supporting Artist as Football fan and a TV Reporter in BBC3 Pilot episode of the LEE NELSON SHOW Producer: Spencer Millman, Director: Adam Wimpenny

Featured with small talking part on an episode of the LONDONERS Polish TV series By Twilight Films Director: Greg Zgliski

Motorcycle Courier in a commercial for SHELL PETROL Introducing the new SHELL FEET PETROL CARD. Director: Zaheer Ahmad.

Featured part as a BBC CAMERAMAN-REPORTER in the new film: DAGENHAM GIRLS directed by NIGEL COLES. Starring: Bob Hoskins, Miranda Richardson, Sally Hawkins and Rosamund Pike

Personal Bodyguard for the European Commissioner in a new comedy film MISSION LONDON Director DIMITAR MITOVSKI. Based on a million seller Bulgarian book. A Bulgarian- British - Hungarian co-production.

JUNE 2009

Featured part as a party guest in a forthcoming Tollywood Movie

Supporting Artist as a passenger on tram in an Internet Viral-Advert for INTEL - HOW THE FUTURE LOOKS

Walk-on part on new online drama: FREAK For Talk Back Thames Productions, Director Clair Bretton


Featured part as an MI5 officer in the Bollywood film: HIDDEN LOVE


Walk on talking part as pub Landlord student film Cheltenham, White Birch, Entering in to the Edinburgh festival

Supporting Artist part in the Bollywood Movie: LONDON DREAMS Dierctor: Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Staring:Salman Khan. Headstart Film and Film Crew London


MARCH 2008

Modelled for a photography exhibition on Tattoos, took place in Waterloo art centre, London 28th- 31st March 2008

Ongoing work for Buzzmygoat.com. Outcast TV, personalized mobile phone messages with a difference,

Appeared on an episode of Channel 4:How To Look Good Naked testing men’s moisturizer

Main part in a short awarness film for the CENTERPIONT homeless charity, As a drunken step dad. ANNEX FILMS PRODUCTION. HOMELESS JOURNEY. Director: Dan Holland. Can be viewed Star Now web site and YOUTUBE:


Featured parts on CHANNELBEE.COM As a Bouncer-Security Doorman and a Cockney hard man. Tim Lovejoys: 19Entertainment New venture with Simon Fuller’s Internet show


Walk on part as a DJ - Student Film called Wake Up, High Wickem College, Walk on part as a teacher in short student film at Wimbledon College of Art.

MAY 2007

Contestant in a reality show at organised by Shell V-Power called Britains Best Driver. This featured me as one of ten men, captained by Ian Wright, compete against ten women, captained by Jodie Kidd, across a range of different challenges at the world-famous Silverstone race track. Several film crews covered 2 days of competitions. Ten episodes were made for shell promotions

Had many walk on and extra parts in student films throughout 2006-7 while i was learning what a supporting artist was all about. Still waiting on many show reels!!

Stared in a real live war - The Falklands Islands 1982 seen 1st hand what death looks like reckon it was the biggest role in my life.

Featured as LONG HAIRED GREAZY TATTOOed BIKER in a 2 adverts, Levis & Mercedes for USA commercials and a couple of rock music videos in Cape Town, South Africa, had to show my Tattoo’s to the fullest and drive a Harley Davison


Talking to God Harry Gatecrasher Films Ltd
Dark Shadows Fisherman Tim Burton/Warner Brother
Tezz SO19 Armed Police Officer Priyadarshan
The Human Centipead 2 (Full Sequence) Dick Tom Six
Comes a Bright Day Police Officer Simon Aboud
Pirats Of The Carribean 4 Stand-in for Ian Mercer Walt Disney/ Rob Marshall
Pirats Of The Carribien 4 Jailer Walt Disney/ Rob Marshall
Will Oil Rig Worker Ellen Perry Uniformed Police Officer Noel Clarke, Mark Davis
Dagenahm Girls BBC Camerman/Reporter Nigel Coles
BURKE & HARE Cowboy John Landis
HouseFull Black Jack Croupier Sajid Khan
ATTACK THE BLOCK Uniformed Police Officer Joe Cornish
Shank Gang Member Mo Ali
Mission London Body Guard Fidelity Films / DIMITAR MITOVSKI
SOLITO Bouncer In Mayfair Club Amit Gicelter
Killer Bitch Fight Trainer Liam Galvin
1800 Love Shopper Abbas Tyrewala
PATIALA HOUSE Diner In Resturant Nikhil Advani
Swinging With the Finkel Diner In Resturant Jonathan Newman
Subculture Customer in pub short film for Edinborough Festival
No Ordinary Trifle Diner In Resturant James Hacking
Kadhaly Ennie Kadhaly Body Guard Shan
Chatroom Rob Lee Terrier
Shades of Beige Prison Imate Amy Powel
Cocktail market Shopper Bollywood
ST.GEORGES DAY Stunt Fighter France Harper


Silent Witness Prison Officer BBC
Lewis SO19 Armed Police Officer BBC
Smithy Sketch George Michael Double BBC Comic Relief
MISFITS: Nathan Farewell Croupier Tom Harper
Casualty Builder BBC
LUTHER Office worker BBC1
Richard Hammonds Top Stunts Security Guard/Stunts BBC
NEW TRICKS Police Officer BBC1
Londoners Grumpy Man Twilight Films/Greg Zglinski
EPISODES Ball Room Guest David Crane,/Marta Kauffman
Lee Nelson Show football fan & TV Reporter Adam Wimpenny / BBC3
Freak Man Buying stolen goodds in Street Talk Back Thames / Clair Bretton
Britain’s Best Driver Contestant driving Shell V-Power
Instant Restaurant Diner In house RDF-TV BBC2
Sleepyhead Punter in Tattoo Shop Stephen Hopkins/Channel4
Ident Sports Fan at Crystal Palace Channel Four


FIFA12 Football Player EA Sports
Best Buy Market Traider Best Buy
Walkers Crisps Shopper/Cafe Customer Walkers/Comic Relief
Six Nations 2011 Rugby fan BBC Sport's
Kit Kat Builder Kitkat.co
BING.COM Underground Commutor
SKY HD 3D TV Customer in pub
Shell Fleet Petrol Card Biker Driving In Garage Shell / Zaheer Ahmad
Toshiba Convict Smith & Jones films Ltd
Weetabix Office Worker Weetabix


Exhibition on Tattoos Model Waterloo Art Centre, London
Advertising Brochure Training Advisor OLCI CONSTRUCTION TRAINING LTD
Actimel Drink advert Passenger On Bus DANONE


REV Jewish Rabbi BBC


CHRIS MOYLES 2009 Christmas Charity music video Dancing & singing along side Chris Radio One
POPE JOAN Police Officer MTV


How The Future Looks Commuter on Croydon Tram Intel
Homeless Journey Drunken Step Dad CENTERPIONT” Homeless Charity / Dan Holland
Channel Bee Bouncer/Security Doorman and a Cockney hard man 19Entertainment / Tim Lovejoy & Simon Fuller
Give Blood Campagne Speaking role Give Blood

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Improvisation, Martial Arts, Stunts, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Tennis, Boxing, golf, Cycling, Horse Riding, Darts, Canoeing, Judo, Street Fighting, Swimming, Football, Bowling, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts, Fencing, Baseball, Snorkling, Scuber Diver, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Babminton, Cycling, Jet Ski, Car & Motorbike Racing (Including Trials Bikes) , Pool, Rugby, Golf, Boxing
  • Accents: Australian, French, West Indian, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, British, Southern
  • Dance: Disco, Club/Freestyle


  • William Edwards , CSE, Grays / Thurrock, 1978


  • Naval College, Gravesend / Kent, O level Seamanship, Trainers, 1979


  • Ray Knight Casting Limited, Agent
  • Maria Martinez harris, Wife
  • Gemme at Talent Talks Casting, Agent

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, DJ, Voice Over, Television, Film, Music Video, Commercial
  • Job Categories: Directing, Stunts, Supporting Artist, Acting, Costumes
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: British Transport Police Officer (Own Uniform)The Secret Service
  • Prior Job Title 2: Acting speaking Part: Police riot officer, Film "RIOT"
  • Prior Job Title 3: Acting speaking Part: Police officer (Own Uniform) Film "ICE CREAM WARS" SE02 EP05 Starring: Tom Hollander

Uniforms I own for use in any production


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