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Anthony Padilla, Jenn McAllister Lend Voices To Lionsgate’s ‘Hedgehogs’ Film

A brand new animated film from Lionsgate employs the voices of a bevy of top YouTube stars. Hedgehogs, which saw a limited in release in select theaters last Friday -- and which is also available digitally on demand -- features Smosh founders Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla as well as comedy vlogger Jenn McAllister (Foursome). They join Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder and comedy legend Chevy Chase, who have also lent their voices to the film.

Hedgehogs tells the story of a mischievous hedgehog (Padilla) who leaves his home in the wilderness to join a pigeon friend (Heder) on a wild adventure in the big city, where they must calm nervous citizens who are losing their minds. The film, from China, was directed by Huang Jianming, who also penned the script alongside Wu Xiaoyu.

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Smosh’s New Social Media-Fueled Series Is A Panel Show For The YouTube Generation

The latest web series released under the Smosh banner invites its guests to dive deep into their social media archives. You Posted That, which is produced by Smosh owner Defy Media and hosted by the brand's co-founder Ian Hecox, is a game show that features prominent social media stars as its contestants.

Each episode of You Posted That features three guests, who must analyze their past posts, evaluate the humor of them, and attempt to remember how they were phrased. In the final round of each show, the contestants must read a caption from one of Hecox's Instagram posts and divine which picture it matches up to. The reward is minimal, the tone is light, and the featured influencers don't take their competition too seriously. “It’s sort of a game of embarrassing them, but I also make a point of taking shots at myself,” Hecox told Variety.

In the first installment,
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The 7th Annual Streamy Awards Are Now Live. Here’s How You Can Watch.

The brightest stars the online video industry has to offer are out in full force. The 7th annual Streamy Awards, hosted by Jon Cozart, can now be streamed via official broadcast partner Twitter.

The Streamys broadcast can be found at http://streamys.twitter.com; a direct link to the stream can be accessed here. As the awards are handed out, Twitter users will be able to add their input via rolling feed of tweets adjacent to the video player.

Cozart, the creator of the colorful YouTube channel Paint, is the evening's emcee. 17 winners will take home trophies, joining the 24 who earned victories at Sunday night's Streamys Premiere Awards. Several creators who have already secured Streamy wins this year, including DeStorm Power and Smosh Games' Mari Takahashi, will be among tonight's presenters. They'll be joined by a star-studded list of their online video colleagues, including Zach Anner, Gabriel & Jess Conte, Ricky Dillon,
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These Are The 24 Streamy Winners Announced At Last Night’s ‘Premiere Awards’

The first batch of 24 Streamy Awards winners were announced at last night’s Streamys Premiere Awards ceremony, hosted by Epic Rap Battles of History'sEpicLLoyd. Honorees included Ariana Grande in the 'Cover Song' category, Juanpa Zurita for best international creator, and Casey Neistat in ‘Cinematography’.

The Streamy Premiere Awards, held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, serves as a prequel of sorts to tomorrow’s seventh annual flagship Streamy Awards show, which will be hosted by Jon Cozart and stream live on Twitter beginning at 6:30 pm Pt. Seventeen total awards will be handed out on Tuesday evening by presenters including Jc Caylen, Gigi Gorgeous, Ian Hecox, Jenna Marbles, Shaun ‘Shonduras’ McBride, Amanda Steele, and many more.

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Smosh Announces Slate Of Seven Shows For Rebranded Smosh Pit Channel (Exclusive)

An update to the Smosh brand that has been rumored for months is set to become official. The comedy network owned and operated by Defy Media has announced that it will rebrand one of its YouTube channels as The Smosh Pit. As part of that move, it has launched a slate of seven shows, all of which will be hosted by Smosh's growing cast of funnypeople.

The channel that will turn into The Smosh Pit began as a home for vlogs hosted by Smosh co-founders Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. In 2011, that hub began to host episodes of Smosh Pit Weekly, a commentary show hosted by Mari Takahashi. Smosh Pit Weekly lasted for close to 200 episodes before releasing its final installment in 2015, but with Hecox's channel now adopting the Smosh Pit name, its titular series will return, with Takahashi once again assuming host duties.

Other shows that will be
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Smosh Founders Dish on Their Breakup After Over a Decade Together: ‘It’s Like We’re Parents Getting a Divorce’

Smosh Founders Dish on Their Breakup After Over a Decade Together: ‘It’s Like We’re Parents Getting a Divorce’
When Anthony Padilla chose to leave his incredibly successful YouTube channel Smosh, the first person he told was his partner-in-crime Ian Hecox.

“He invited me over to his house and I was like, something feels weird … I kinda felt like it was coming,” Hecox told Instant Thursday in an exclusive on-camera interview backstage at Vidcon. “Then he dropped it and I was, like, ‘Yeah. I knew it. I knew that’s what it was.’ ”

Padilla and Hecox, both 29, discussed their split — which comes after over a decade of working together on their sketch comedy — in a YouTube video posted on
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Smosh Is Breaking Up After 10-Plus Years, Anthony Padilla Rides Solo

Anthony Padilla is leaving Smosh after over a decade of crafting one of YouTube’s most popular channels with partner-in-crime Ian Hecox. Padilla, 29, told Variety he was looking to start something fresh after several months of contemplating his departure. “I realized I haven’t been as creatively excited about things recently,” he said. “When I first started, it […]
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YouTube Star Anthony Padilla Is Leaving Smosh

For 12 years, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have served as an inseparable videomaking duo. On their Smosh channel, they have released more than 880 videos, which have gathered 22 million subscribers and received 6.4 billion views. For almost all of the time that YouTube has existed, Smosh has been one of its most popular channels. It has served several stints as the site’s most-subscribed hubs, and was the first channel to ever achieve an eight-digit subscriber count.

It is fair to say that Hecox and Padilla’s creative partnership has built the most consistently successful YouTube channel of all time, but all things must end eventually. Padilla has revealed that he is leaving Smosh to create videos on his personal channel.

Hecox and Padilla jointly announced Padilla’s departure from the Smosh brand in an emotional video. “I just need to do what's best for me, and that right now is to
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Defy Media Unveils Scripted Smosh Series, ScreenJunkies Documentary At NewFronts

At its presentation at the Digital Content NewFronts today, Defy Media announced a slew of new and returning shows for its more than 70 million YouTube subscribers and 100 million social followers -- including a trio of titles from its flagship Smosh brand.

Smosh, which is headlined by creators Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, who have catapulted the comedy channel to one of the most popular destinations on all of YouTube, will introduce three new series in 2017, per Defy. They include: Not Quite Cancelled, a scripted comedy about a popular TV series that has jumped the shark; One Hour Song Machine, in which performers must create music videos inspired by random items in a box; and Operation: Open World, where Smosh Games personalities Jovenshire and Mari travel to various events across the globe like Oktoberfest and Carnival.

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Crackle Greenlights Series Starring Smosh’s Ian Hecox, Dramas From 50 Cent

Crackle, Sony’s ad-supported streaming service, announced today at the Upfronts that it's developing two scripted dramas executive produced by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson. At the same time, Crackle announced the launch of a weekly highlights show starring Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox.

Hecox’s show, called This Week On and debuting in May, will appear on a newly-launched Crackle vertical called Spotlight, according to the company, joining existing verticals like Fandom, Comedy, Action, and Drama. This Week On will showcase new content arriving on the platform each week. Meanwhile, Jackson is teaming with Crackle on The Oath, about a secret law enforcement society, and Rpm, about a Boston getaway driver.

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Smosh To Rename Secondary Channel, Add Cast Members, Bring Back Competition Series

Smosh, YouTube’s most indefatigable comedy brand, is getting ready for another suite of changes this summer. As a recent Mashable profile notes, the network led by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, and the team at Defy Media plans to rebrand the secondary Smosh channel into The Smosh Pit, while also adding a new Smosh Games cast member and bringing back an inter-network competition series called Summer Games.

The new name of The Smosh Pit will match that of a web series that ran for more than 200 episodes between 2011 and 2015. In that show, host Mari Takahashi ran through a few of her favorite items from the internet and offered commentary on them. A Spanish-language version of the program still runs on El Smosh, the network’s Hispanophone channel. Defy Media has not stated whether the English version of Smosh Pit will return on the rebranded channel.

Adding new cast members will
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The History Of YouTube’s Most-Subscribed Channels Is A Fun Nostalgia Trip

YouTube recently celebrated its 12th birthday, and it’s fair to say it has changed considerably since its inception. For evidence of that claim, look at the top of the video site’s leaderboard. Reddit user davidjl123 compiled a series of charts showing the most-subscribed channels on YouTube at various points between 2006 and 2017.

The charts tell the story of YouTube, starting during the days when no one had more than a few thousand subscribers and continuing on to the present. A few interesting trends stick out; chiefly, this project is a reminder that Smosh’s run has been incredible. The digital home of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is the only channel to continuously remain in the top ten over the past eleven years. Most of the other top creators from the early days have faded into obscurity (or, in one case, passed away), but Smosh continues to crank out
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Early Smosh Architect Barry Blumberg To Depart Defy Media

Prominent digital media executive Barry Blumberg announced in a memo to staffers today that he is departing Defy Media, where he most recently served as chief content officer and helped develop Smosh into one of the nation’s foremost digital brands. As chief content officer at Defy, Blumberg also oversaw its Break, Clevver, Made Man, and Screen Junkies properties, and launched the positive prank franchise Prank It Fwd.

Prior to joining Defy, which was formed in 2013 following a merger between Alloy Digital and Break Media, Blumberg was the president of Smosh, which he co-founded in 2006 alongside YouTube stars Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, Variety reports. At Smosh, Blumberg spearheaded channel spinoffs, musical ventures, merchandising, mobile apps and games, and feature films. Prior to joining Smosh, Blumberg served as the president of Walt Disney Television Animation.

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Actor Shayne Topp, Known For Smosh Roles, Appears On ABC Sitcom ‘The Goldbergs’

Since 2015, Shayne Topp has appeared in more than 50 videos within Defy Media’s Smosh network, portraying everyone from Tom Cruise to Donald Trump along the way. Now, Topp has parlayed his digital visibility into a gig on TV. He will appear in three episodes of the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, in which he portrays a punk rocker named Matt.

Topp’s first video on the Smosh channel was “Every Snapchat Ever,” in which he poked fun at pervasive habits on the titular app. Since then, he’s become a Smosh fixture who often stars alongside the online video brand’s co-founders, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.

While Topp has appeared on TV in the past (he showed up in an iCarly episode back in 2008), his Goldbergs role marks his most significant venture within that medium. He first appeared in the sitcom’s February 22nd episode, which aired at 8 Pm Et,
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Beauty and the Beast Doll Gets Slammed for Looking Like Justin Bieber

Beauty and the Beast Doll Gets Slammed for Looking Like Justin Bieber
Disney has debuted its new Beauty and the Beast doll from the upcoming live-action adaptation of the animated classic. And fans are calling it tragic. We might have to agree. Personally, I don't think I've seen a doll this atrocious since John Goodman and Rick Moranis got the toy treatment for 1994's live-action The Flintstones. But at least those action figures looked like their human counterparts. This doll is being slammed because it doesn't look like Emma Watson, who stars as iconic fairy tale character Belle, but instead resembled, gasp, Justin Bieber. Just take a look at some of the Tweets below to see what has some fans all riled up.

Disney's new take on Beauty and the Beast is inarguably one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. And the Mouse House has started to heavily promote the fairy tale, which is roughly two months away, arriving in March just
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Smosh Grows Up: After 10 Years on YouTube, The Online Comedy Empire Continues to Evolve

Smosh Grows Up: After 10 Years on YouTube, The Online Comedy Empire Continues to Evolve
When Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla first joined YouTube, they each received a free iPod nano from the site for signing up. Over ten years later, and Smosh, the channel they named after a junior high inside joke, is the sixth most subscribed channel on YouTube — just after Rihanna’s Vevo, but before Taylor Swift’s.

When they arrived at the IndieWire offices last month to promote their second feature, “Ghostmates,” co-produced by Defy Media and YouTube Red, they each donned crisp black jackets and fresh haircuts. (The latter caused much hubbub from fans during a Facebook live interview.) If “Pokemon In Real Life” is your only Smosh reference point, you might not recognize the sleek young moguls on the screen.

Read More: Smosh Live: The Creators Behind YouTube’s Most Popular Comedy Channel Reveal How They ‘Stay Relevant’

The Smosh empire now consists of 10 related channels, five studio albums,
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Smosh Takes Our Paranormal Trivia Challenge, Gets Smashed in the Process

  • Popsugar
Smosh Takes Our Paranormal Trivia Challenge, Gets Smashed in the Process
Smosh, the wildly successful multichannel YouTube empire, was created by two 29-year-old men: Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The sketch comedy duo has expanded into a team and is consistently one of the most popular channels on the site to this day. Hecox and Padilla's latest venture with YouTube? Ghostmates, a movie about a man who is living with a deceased roommate, premiered on YouTube Red on Dec. 14. So when the duo came to Popsugar on their press tour, we decided to liquor 'em up and see how much they really know about the paranormal. (Or, really, about celebrity and YouTube-related ghost content.) Check out the video to see who prevailed, and check out Ghostmates, out now on YouTube Red.
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‘Ghostmates’ Trailer: Smosh Stars Get Haunted By T-Pain in New Comedy

‘Ghostmates’ Trailer: Smosh Stars Get Haunted By T-Pain in New Comedy
Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh have created a digital space where over 41 million YouTube subscribers and 39 million social media followers track their every moves and enjoy their bountiful creations. Their latest project is the film “Ghostmates,” a digital comedy that tests the terrestrial limits of friendship.

Directed by Jack Henry Robbins, the movie follows Charlie (Padilla), a socially-awkward and unemployed dude who finds a great apartment only to discover that it’s inhabited by ghost Eddie (Hecox), the previous tenant who unexpectedly died inside. Now Eddie won’t vacate the premise and can’t move on to the afterlife until he makes amends with the living, specifically his ex-girlfriend. It gets even better when ghost T-Pain – who somehow also died – unexpectedly helps Eddie move on.

“You want to be best friends,” Eddie asks the rapper. “No, no, no. I’m probably going to go find Tupac,” he replies as he ascends into heaven.
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Here’s The Trailer For ‘Ghostmates,’ The New Movie From YouTube Stars Smosh

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of Smosh are set to star in their second motion picture, and this one will be available through YouTube Red. It’s called Ghostmates, and its trailer has now arrived ahead of its December 14th release date.

In Ghostmates, Padilla will play Charlie, a down-on-his-luck man whose life takes an interesting turn when he moves into an apartment inhabited by a ghost named Eddie (Hecox). Eddie is invisible to everyone except Charlie and T-Pain (yes, that T-Pain), which causes him to become a thorn in his new roommate’s side. Nonetheless, as we can see in the trailer, Charlie and Eddie will ultimately band together in order to improve each other’s circumstances.

Ghostmates is the second feature film to star Hecox and Padilla, who for more than a decade have served as two of the most prominent stars in the YouTube community. Their maiden
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Watch the trailer for Smosh’s Ghostmates movie

With less than a week to go until it premieres on YouTube Red, a trailer has arrived online for the upcoming comedy Ghostmates which stars Smosh co-founders Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla; check it out below…

Things are looking up for socially-awkward and unemployed Charlie (Anthony Padilla) when he finds a great new furnished apartment that comes with everything — even Eddie. Obnoxious, self-involved, and after a freak accident, dead, Eddie (Ian Hecox) is the type of roommate you’d want to strangle… if he weren’t already a ghost. Stuck on earth with unfinished business, the only hope for Eddie to move on was Charlie moving in. Eager to be rid of his haunted house guest, Charlie agrees to help Eddie make amends with the living and get to heaven. With some unexpected help from T-pain (as himself), these reluctant roommates forge a friendship through the shared hell of learning
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