Tali Wins 'More to Love'

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No surprise there.

More to Love bachelor picked 26-year-old New York native Tali, proposed to her, and she said yes. Again, no surprise there. She definitely appeared smarter and deeper than Malissa, for one, and she looked like she joined More to Love to find love (whatever that means), and not just to win, which is the impression Malissa kind of gave. Sure there was that Jewish factor, but that shouldn't really ruin a good match.
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More to Love: Preview of Season Finale

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This is it, people. More to Love guy Luke will have final one-on-one dates with the two remaining women - Tali and Malissa - then in an "emotional" ceremony, proposes to one of them and breaks another's heart. The questions then: (1) who will it be? and (2) will she accept the proposal?

But because of recent trends in the romantic reality show universe, some more questions beg to be asked: (1) will Luke pick a girl, but ditch her a few weeks later to go for the other girl, then the first girl will join a dancing show? (2) will Luke pick neither girl then reveal that he has a wife of ten years and three kids?
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Yes, Ellen Was the Perfect Choice

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By Jennifer Kelly

Forget the “Top Model” shorties. Forget wondering about whether or not you think you can dance. Forget (if you can) that image of “More to Love’s” Luke and Malissa gettin’ it on in Hawaii. (I know I’M trying to block that one out.) The biggest reality news this week has got to be the announcement that Ellen DeGeneres will be joining “American Idol” in January as the fourth judge. At first this choice prompted me to (again) say, “Capital Wtf?” (It’s my new catchphrase. Thanks, Ra’mon!) But then...
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More to Love: Preview of Episode 7 "3 Women Remain"

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It's almost the More to Love finale on the plus-sized reality dating show, when bachelor Luke has to select the final two women on tonight's episode of the Fox reality series. He takes the three remaining women to Hawaii for a romantic getaway, and has to pick among Tali, Malissa, and Mandy. Luke eliminated Ana on the last episode.

Last week on More to Love, some nay-sayers were vindicated when Luke ended up - intentionally or otherwise - picking three of the thinnest women on the show - Mandy (180 lbs), Malissa A. (170 lbs), and Tali (190 lbs).
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More to Love: It's Down to Tali, Malissa A, and Mandy

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And then there were three, and all of them under 200 lbs.

At first, I thought the More to Love nay-sayers were just overreacting when they decry that Luke is still picking the relatively thin girls. But then we have the final three, and coincidentally or not, it just happened to be the three thinnest girls in the original batch of 20 - Mandy (180 lbs), Malissa A. (170 lbs), and Tali (190 lbs).A lot of More to Love fans predicted correctly that it was indeed Anna (230 lbs) who would be getting the boot on the episode.
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