Interview: The Creators Of 'Aperture R&D' Talk Alternate Universes, Office Shenanigans, And Adaptation

The new web series "Aperture R&D" is the latest project from Wayside Creations, the team behind the hit "Fallout: Nuka Break." The masterminds behind the latest project--which drops viewers into a live-action, multiversal version of "Portal," focuses on a pair of ambitious (if not exactly talented) scientists, Nik and Charles, struggling heroically to win the Lab of the Month award for their team. Shenanigans, as they will, ensue.

With the series making its debut today via Machinima, we spoke with director Vince Talenti and "Aperture R&D" creator/writer Zack Finfrock about the tricky business of telling stories when all of the characters are dead, the importance of canon (and when to ignore it), and the problems of using a scale Companion Cube.

MTV Multiplayer: How long has Aperture R & D been in development? How long have you been working on this?

Vince Talenti: We started in early October.
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Travis Richey prepares to bring us Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time

Who knew when NBC’s cult favorite Community began a recurring joke about a legendary TV series called Inspector Spacetime, which was a parody of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, it would spawn its own cult following?

Actor/writer Travis Richey, who recurred on the Peacock Network’s show as the Inspector, clearly saw potential in expanding the concept (along with a host of other people, who created an entire history of the show via online bulletin boards, Tumblr, and a TVTropes page), so he and his writing partner Eric Loya decided to write a 6-epsiode web series called Inspector Spacetime and offered it up to NBC. But when the network gave no response to their pitch, they turned to to get fans to help fund a non-profit production.

That’s when Sony intervened. Since the studio owns the name and likeness to Inspector Spacetime, he was
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Short Film of the Day: Fallout: Nuka Break

Why Watch? So…why can’t Hollywood figure out video game adaptations again? We recently featured Dan Trachtenberg’s Portal short film, and here’s another situation where fans have figured out 1) how to pay homage to a beloved video game while 2) pulling in viewers that don’t know a thing about it. The game in question this go ’round is “Fallout,” and this short film from Julian Higgins and Zack Finfrock is hilarious, triumphant, and holds its tongue firmly in its cheek. Plus, the make-up design and camera work are stellar, as is the acting chemistry. The production here puts most Hollywood video game attempts to shame. To shame! What does it cost? Just 16 minutes of your time. Check out Fallout: Nuka Break for yourself: Fallout: Nuka Break (2011) Trust us. You have time for more short films.
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Dare You Enter the Mad Monster Lab this September?

Coming up in the industry, one of the first folks we met was FX artist Ralis Kahn, and we were drawn to him because ... well ... he is just as sick as we are, and that's a rarity! So naturally when he wrote in today with the first word on his new web series, we immediately sat up and took notice.

Get ready to enter the "Mad Monster Lab". Zack Finfrock, previously the host of Indy Mogul's "Backyard FX", is co-hosting this new Diy effects show with 20+-year SFX veteran Ralis.

Look for more on the show's premiere coming September 2011! In the interim dig on the trailer below!

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Captain America Fan Film: The Fighting Avenger

I gotta admit, I’m dying to see Joe Johnston’s big-budget “Captain America: The First Avenger”. I’ve always liked the good Captain, especially back in my comic book reading days. Until the Cap’n shows up on screens July 22, 2011, though, here’s a 5-minute fan film by Wayside Creations called “The Fighting Avenger” to tie you over. Just keep in mind, it’s a non-profit fan film, so don’t start getting all nit-picky about it, you fanboys. An American heavy weapons squad comes under heavy fire during a patrol and must fight off their German attackers to survive. Luckily, they have a secret weapon. Credits go to … Starring Kevin Brooks, Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, Dave Session and Jake Brown Directed/Edited/Sound Designed by Julian Higgins Cinematography and Coloring by Aaron Scott Moorhead Original Music by Dan Martinez Visual Effects by Teague Chrystie and Julian Higgins Written by Zack Finfrock,
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Fallout: Nuka Break is a fan film that's fun for a change

Ever notice how most fan films are really serious and feature grimacing heroes? You'd think a Fallout fan film would be the most serious of the lot considering it's one of the most realistic apocalypse video games out there (minus the 50s themed info mercials and what not), but surprisingly it's got a sense of humour as well as all the hallmarks of the post-apocalypse genre.


Join Twig (Zack Finfrock), a former Vault 10 Dweller, as he searches the barren wasteland of eastern California for ice-cold Nuka Cola. Along for the ride is Ben (Aaron Giles), a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett (Tybee Diskin), a sexy former slave. Together, the three attempt to survive both the harsh wastes and a relentless group of bounty hunters while trying to find the coveted beverage -- Nuka Cola.

Starring Zack Finfrock, Tybee Diskin, Aaron Giles, Vic Mignogna, Michele Specht, Kevin Brooks and Robert Thorne.
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Bobby Miller Leaves Indy Mogul for MTV

Former Indy Mogul personality and The Reel Good Show host Bobby Miller just launched a new series on MTV's Next Movie, That Movie Show With Bobby Miller. The series takes Miller, now a destitute peddling his Webby Award for web series work on the streets of New York, to sunny Los Angeles, where he stars in his own new series about movies. The show is full of familiar faces, including The Googling star Jeff Grace from The Vacationeers. Miller had previously worked himself up the ranks at New York-based Next New Networks, starting as an editor on Backyard FX, then hosting The Best Short Films in The World, and eventually hosting his own show The Reel Good show under the Indy Mogul vertical. That Movie Show With Bobby Miller picks up where The Reel Good Show finale leaves off, but, ironically, (or perhaps in fact autobiographically), in the final episode
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‘Backyard FX’ Names New Host Zack Finfrock

Online filmmaking network Indy Mogul is returning to its California roots—sort of. Its flagship web series, Backyard FX, the do-it-yourself indie filmmakers’ cheat sheet, announced today it has found a new host after an extensive talent search that began in early January to replace its founder and longtime centerpiece Erik Beck. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Zack Finfrock will be taking over for Beck, who will shift his focus to overseeing Indy Mogul as a network. Web series fans will recognize Finfrock’s work, most notably as part of the Streamy-nominated team that crafted the visual effects for The Crew, along with whipping up storyboard art for The Legend of Neil. Last fall Tubefilter sat down with Finfrock to chat about his own web series pilot, Emerson Wild, a monster laden throwback that stood out for its remarkably striking (and oozing) creatures. “We were overwhelmed by the strength of the 60+ video
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Streamys 2010 Nominees Announced

  • HeyUGuys
The nominees for the 2010 Streamys were announced today. The Streamys celebrate online television programming and this year they have a fantastic line up of nominees. Last year was the Streamys debut year and the winners included high profile shows such as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and the exceptional Battlestar Galactica web series The Face of the Enemy.

This year there is even more competition with some really interesting content now being released on the web rather than through more traditional media routes. Two of my favourites from this year’s nominee list are the excellent Interview Project which is presented by and the slightly flawed but thoroughly enjoyable Angel of Death, created by Ed Brubaker and starring Zoe Bell, which also received a DVD release last year.

The awards ceremony takes place on April 11th 2010 and the full list of nominees is listed below with handy links
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‘Emerson Wild’ – Monsters, Creature Effects, and Pitching A Web Series

This wasn't initially intended as a Q&A interview, as we don't usually do that about a web series that hasn't even been fully shot yet and doesn't even have any major distribution lined up. But sometimes you have to break the rules to get to the good stuff. Zack Finfrock makes a great case study of an indie web series creator starting where a whole host of other would-be web stars are too—with an idea, a teaser trailer, limited resources, oh and some unusually talented friends. Finfrock's series, Emerson Wild, centers around a young man (Emerson) who's taken it upon himself to hunt monsters, trudging his way up the ranks of the monster hunting community. We've seen similar stabs at this casual, everyman play on superhero bureaucracy, most recently with Captain Alpha Male and The Junior League of Superheroes. As of now only a (long) trailer is out,
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